Diablo 2 Released 14 Years Ago Today

Diablo 2 Released 14 Years Ago Today

diablo 2

There’s not been a peep about this from Blizzard but this is a very notable anniversary as it was 14 years ago today that Diablo 2 was released.

Diablo 2 and Marvel Heroes creator David Brevik made sure we didn’t forget this important day with the following Tweet.

It’s hard to believe the game was released that long ago, it feels like yesterday, and it’s still massively popular today with much of the community here at Diablo: IncGamers.

The sequel was a really important release for the site, we’ve covered the franchise since Diablo 1 and there were very, very long periods following Diablo 2’s release where we had to keep the community enthused before Diablo 3 was announced. Not that this was hard to do as Diablo 2 was, and still is, a cracking ARPG.

Happy anniversary!

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    26 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Released 14 Years Ago Today

    1. I wonder if The Schaefer Brothers, Bill Roper and David Brevic ever get together online to play Diablo 3, POE, Marvel Heroes or Torch Light. I wonder if Diablo 3 is an insult to them or of they can separate themselves from their respective Histories and indulge in D3.

      From my personal experience, it can be painful to listen to my old bandmates new projects even when I think it’s great music. (which I always think – my old mates are so talented.)

      but, we have to move forward. And, it might just be that they don’t have time to be nostalgic. Either way, it’d be interesting to know. Flux … could you get those guys for a 5 way Chat on a segment of the Podcast? I would love to hear from them.

      • “Flux … could you get those guys for a 5 way Chat on a segment of the Podcast? I would love to hear from them.”

        That’s a great idea. I would be especially interested in hearing, where the philosophy behind D2 and their abandoned, initial concept for D3 differs from the actual game at hands. (What would have been a priority for them that was dismissed partly or entirely in D3s design, for example.) May be hard to pull off and even harder to do it, without bringing about hard feelings between Blizz and Ex-Blizz North again, but I second adastra in asking you to give it a try, Flux.

      • Rush is playing Marvel Heroes right now and keeps telling me it has a flavour of D2 about it. I’m not a big comic fan so it’s not something that appeals to me but I like the sound of the item and skill system.

        • I played POE for a day last week and got really into it. At a certain point in a dungeon I had this feeling well up inside me and I was asking myself, “where have I felt this ‘feeling’ before?” And the Answer was Diablo 1. That’s such a great feeling.

          I think it came from years of wanting to make D&D happen for me as a kid. But, even though I loved the idea of D&D AND I loved video games … never before Diablo one were they housed so well together.

          The music and ambient sounds alone were amazing in D1. They did such a great job in setting a stage.

    2. I can’t even imagine how many hours I’ve spent playing D2. One of my all time favorites that’s for sure.

    3. Happy birthday! D2 is certainly my most-played game, by far. I’m still playing it occasionally.

    4. I still remember where I was when I first played D2, I can picture loading it up and then playing hours and hours of it that night. There are only 2 or 3 games that I can remember so clearly in that way.

    5. Happy Birthday D2! The first game I grew an emotional attachment to. Many, many, many hours of critter slaughter and fun. Thanks!

    6. Memories, memories, memories… One of the most special games to me. I remember when it started raining in the game for the first time, I had to walk to the window, and look outside, to be sure it was not actually raining.
      I still feel greatly disappointed by the fact that there is no actual sequel to D2..

      • Oh man I used to love the rain in the rogues camp! Still gives me goose bumps every so often, even now.

        As for a sequel Path of Exile is the closest thing there is out there, if you havn’t already give it a go!

    7. Happy Birthday DII, the video game I have, by far, played the most. Congratz on 14 years.

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