Diablo 2 Loading Screen Flashback

This bit of humor popped up on Reddit last week, but with the rush of other content I never had room to post about it. Thanks to Mvh for the tip.

It’s a recreation of the Diablo 2 loading screen, and the animated gif works in real-time. Watch it and remember the days before fast computers and cable modems, when DiabloWikiBattle.net disconnects and game loading errors still stalked the earth. Thankfully, Blizzard has assured us that nothing like this will ever happen with Diablo III, and as we know, even if it does, we can just play DiabloWikisingle player offline for a while… right?

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18 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Loading Screen Flashback

  1. Yeah… funny… or not. I hardly ever had a problem connecting in 2000. I got dropped alot and it took a while to load. But i normaly got connected at least to the server to play.

  2. GODAMN WTF??? So is damn SP back in D3 or not??? Nevermind the other stuff, discouraged SP or not, bottom line question is:

    does offline SP currently exist in D3 or not??

  3. It truly is amazing just how well this emulates the exact speed at which zones loaded for me back in ’99 or so.

  4. Those days are long gone now thankfully.  Days you had time to nip to the loo or go make a sandwich and dash back and still be alive…..ancient history.

    I loaded up Diablo 1 not long back. Walking! I had totally forgotten there was no running. Now, as impatient as I’ve grown in games, I can’t imagine how I played so many hours of it, walking everywhere.

    • You and me both. I feel so spoiled when I compare the run speed of d2 to the walk speed of d1 lol. Then again I used to play alot of DOS games that were even slower so who knows 😛
      I also remember being back in D2 when classic came out and every time you joined a game you would know if you would make it in or not based on how the light was coming out the doors or if you were going to get a unable to connect 😛 I used to remember I would always pretend I was fighting off fallen infront of that door and if I killed them it would let me join and if I lost thats when you would get d/c 😛

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