Diablo 2 Ladders Reset: New Season Begun

The Diablo II Ladders were reset this morning and a new ladder season has begun. This was teased yesterday by Rethek:

Once maintenance and the ladder reset have been completed on October 25, we will make an announcement one hour in advance of when the realms will become available. Stay tuned for details!

Today’s follow up notice:

The Diablo II servers are now online and available for play on the new ladder season. See you on Battle.net!

It’s not D3… but it’s something to keep your mouse hand strong while you wait. Thanks to Brad for the tip.

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  1. Final ladder season, forever?

    • Probably not but I doubt many will play it after D3 comes out. Though you can bet we’ll see a ton of empty threats: “OMG D3 IS BROKEN AND SUCKS IM GOING BACK TO PLAYING D2”.

  2. I got plenty of things to do to keep my mouse hand strong that don’t involve D2…

  3. gentlemen, start your dupe engines!

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