DiabloThis is a quick reminder post that the Diablo 2 ladder resets today, 22 November.

    Blizzard will activate the reset at 10:00 AM PST so get ready for that as I know many of you are looking to jump back into Diablo 2 for this ladder rounds.

    Some of you may be a little rusty, or even new, and might be looking for some tips. The Diablo 2 Wiki is stacked with information. everything from item information to guides, so check out these links…

    I also want to point you in the direction of the SPF forum, specifically this thread, which is packed with useful links to guides and tips for players.

    Finally, some of you may have noticed we rejigged the forums this week and the Diablo 2 forums are now at the top of the listings. Diablo 3 players should just scroll down a little on the page to find their forums.

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