Diablo 2 Ladder Resets Today Reminder and Site Updates

DiabloThis is a quick reminder post that the Diablo 2 ladder resets today, 22 November.

Blizzard will activate the reset at 10:00 AM PST so get ready for that as I know many of you are looking to jump back into Diablo 2 for this ladder rounds.

Some of you may be a little rusty, or even new, and might be looking for some tips. The Diablo 2 Wiki is stacked with information. everything from item information to guides, so check out these links…

I also want to point you in the direction of the SPF forum, specifically this thread, which is packed with useful links to guides and tips for players.

Finally, some of you may have noticed we rejigged the forums this week and the Diablo 2 forums are now at the top of the listings. Diablo 3 players should just scroll down a little on the page to find their forums.

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  1. And a Christmas special would be like… they’ve added more to Diablo 2!

    “We’ve added two new characters to Diablo 2. We understand that Diablo 2 fans pride themselves by taking on unlikely challenges and stacking the odds against them, or to their advantage.

    Curse, aid, trap, free, protect, confuse, summon, or banish friends and foes; the Runemaster thrives on designing and using runes to carry out his bidding. The Runemaster brings a unique surprise and lore to the Tree of Inifuss, where the unique rune etched Scroll of Inifuss comes from, and reveals new uses for the Hellforge that may not sit well with the mortals of Sanctuary.

    With great power comes great responsibility –

    And the two new acts would kind of be like….

    When the Worldstone was destroyed, you are hastily brought into the Act VII town, Caldeum. Many of Sanctuary’s forces are already being trucked in and Caldeum is being quickly being converted over into a main war outpost and an isolated and self sufficient community inside the town emerges.

    After battling out in Act VII, helping the isolated community, and nearly becoming an Angel yourself, Tyrael brings you and Deckard Cain over to the most isolated island in the Skovos Isles, Skartara.

    Now onto Act VIII.

    After a few light quests in Act VIII (pulling out the demons from the garden), things get dark very quickly. The town you are in is given little advance notice of an incoming attack and is quickly over run by hell spawn emerging from the sea. “Not in Town.”? NOT ANY MORE BITCHES! fuck shit up!

    A crack on the sea floor opened up from the Worldstone’s earlier eruption. It laid dormant for a while until it was converted into a portal. Deckard Cain takes on a Gandolf-esque form, impressing the shit out of you with his ridiculous library and knowledge.

    Apocalypse from Diablo 1? Oh yes. Here it comes.
    Golemn? Not one, but 1000’s.
    Flame wave? Flame Tsunami.

    I wanna see Cain go absolutely ape-shit in battle. Go super-sayain damnit all. He throws off that old dead body and emerges as a youthful being of light (Sorry Tyrael, Cain is shinier this time) machine gunning out spells like no body’s business, /soundchaosdebug style, mkay?

    Like. Cast every gdamn spell and enchantment he knows (maybe even some created himself). And just go ballistic on the new hordes of demons. Like. OVER KILL IT. That’s what Diablo is about. Just fucking go absolutely head back balls out maniac, and send Hell so far back into the Hell, that old Hell becomes the new Hell’s Hell. Take all your wise advice, Cain, shove it up their ass and flip off every demon you pass as you obliterate their existance. Throttle it Cain into turbo-drive and don’t hold back!! GO BUDDY GO!!FHUCK YHAAAWWW! Olympic gold medalist for spells and destruction. Let loose man, live a little!

    Ok, so after Cain expends every known spell, scroll, and book that he memorized, and after single handily forcing his way through the hordes of hell (with your help of course, but you’re constantly playing keep-up), he summons a massive whirlpool in the sea from the shoreline. It’s so fierce it renders the sea floor as dry as a desert, exposing the demonic portal.
    He takes himself, enchants his body with everything he has and wraps himself in a ornate arcane structure and leaps downward.
    He last moment is detonating himself. The explosion wreaks havoc to the portal, obliterating it, and the arcane structure around him gets expelled violently outward, surrounding Sanctuary in a resilient arcane armor.
    All demonic entities that are within Sanctuary are frozen still and become petrified ash – the gentlest breeze gnaws at the tips of their horns, weapons, faces, bodies until they are no more. Angels are turned into mortal figures (sorry Tyrael).
    With the Worldstone gone, Sanctuary’s only line of defense is Cain’s sacrifice and arcane enchantment. How long it will hold remains to be unknown. But Cain lives on once again defending Sanctuary.

    THEN Diablo 3 comes out.

    I’m tirelessly bitter about how Blizzard killed Deckard. Like…. how fucking pathetic, Blizzard.
    The king of knowledge and potential, and you sap him.

  2. I’d like to see an article on some of the more interesting current and past mods for Diablo I and II.

  3. The Tyranny popup ads are fucking obnoxious.

  4. Like so many others, I’ve re-loaded Diablo2 and its expansion but it won’t run. Plenty of sad people on forums and despite trying some of their suggestions, it refuses to work…..(Windows 10 btw)

  5. Still full of nothing but bots?

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