Diablo 2 ladder reset and patch 1.14c released


Blizzard has kicked off a new ladder for Diablo 2 and released a new patch for everyone’ favourite Diablo.

We are releasing 1.14c and resetting the ladder for Diablo II today. We will take the servers down at 1000 Pacific and expect the maintenance to last 3 hours. Patch notes:

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Fixed 3 more bugs that cause Mac client crashes on “Save & Exit”
  • nGlide will now load on PC

Known Issues

  • Spammers still making us all sad. We’re working on it.

The servers should be back up and running now. Don’t forget to check the Diablo 2 community and trading forums. If you are looking for any help then check the Diablo 2 Wiki.

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  1. When they say spammers, I’m assuming that they are talking about all of the bots and such in D2, correct? Annnnnnnnd, if so, why the big concern now??

    • Well as far as I’m aware they didn’t have a dedicated team for their legacy games before to deal with these things. They did always have somewhat of a legacy games team, but they were just there to make sure everything kept running smoothly. Now they actually have people going through old code to fix bugs and make the games better.

    • Literally spammers, who flood chat and send whispers with ads.

  2. who give a fuck about those mac shitters
    if they think they are better then rest let them be , simple ……….
    same goes for those linux geeks

  3. Whats that about nGlide? Didnt nglide work in the past/isnt sven wrapper better? I am thinking of replaying (but in the right way) so I need few advices about that.

  4. Anyone else not able to xmute higher level runes using gems? I have tried a couple of different groups of three runes with the required gem and nothing happens.

  5. They can never probably get rid of spammers.

  6. Wow.. that’s a lot of fixes. Herp derp.

    • You’d rather they hold off on releasing finished improvements until they can show you a longer list of them?

      • Blizzard isn’t going to make any significant improvements to the game… They had their chance years ago when they asked the Diablo 2 community what they wanted in a patch; if they had actually listened to that feedback, then the game would have been perfected. Instead, they just did their own thing and released a very lackluster patch that didn’t address any of the glaring issues with the game.

  7. Ever since installing the 1.14c patch now I can’t transmute any ruins Dol or above. Did the recipes all change? WTF!!!!

  8. Is there a way to revert back to a prior patch cause 1.14c has screwed everything up!

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