Diablo 2 Ladder Reset on October 25th

With everything being Diablo 3 related at the moment, we must not forget about Diablo 2. The latest news regarding the long awaited and delayed ladder reset has finally arrived with the reset happening on 25 October. Mark those diaries!

We will be resetting the Diablo II ladder the morning of October 25.
We anticipate all Diablo II realms to be down for approximately six hours during the reset. More specific information on realm availability on the day of the reset will be posted in the Battle.net Status forum. When the ladder is reset all existing ladder characters will be converted to non-ladder. All characters and items being converted to non-ladder will remain intact, but once converted these characters will no longer have access to ladder content such as creating ladder-only rune words.
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24 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Ladder Reset on October 25th

  1. Nifty. I just started playing D2 again and I’m off that week on vacation. I wonder if this will be the last reset before D3 or if they’ll continue to support ladder resets when D3 is out? I would assume they’ll have their own numbers to determine that.

    • How long does it take for people with bots to get all their typical stuff? (Hotos, Nigmas, CTAs, Maras, …)

      A week? 2 weeks? Month?

      • I would say a week (after patch 1.13). Once dupers find a relatively high rune they just have to dupe and trow the runes inside the cube to craft Ber and Jah. After that its gg.
        Theres not much point in playing ladder because of the “fresh” economy, dupers always screw the economy in one week, so whats the point? Except if you own a item store, of course. Now that ladder lasts 6 months instead of 12 item stores can reset their price every 6 months instead of selling cheap items for more than 6 months because of the item saturation in the market.
        I risk saying that 90% of all the accounts that voted to reduce the ladder reset time belonged to item stores. Its was dream coming true for them.

        Last ladder I started playing with bots, I was running 2 bots in my computer and I lost the count of how many HRs I found, it was impressive. Item stores on the other hand have dozens of bots running and they can also dupe items. After this last ladder I realized why its so easy for them to have infinite stocks of items, they don’t even have to dupe stuff for that, its ridiculous.

  2. Ugh, resets piss me the hell off.  I don’t play d2 very often, but when I do get on it seems like every single time it’s been reset and I no longer have access to ladder-only things.
    What a completely broken system.  If D3 implements these resets in any form whatsoever, I will stop playing it… so hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

    • Stop being a sissy. Its to keep the competition going by starting a new race to the top and to help with dupes and hacks.

      • That’s fine, I’m ok with there being a “new race to the top”.  But if I don’t give two shits about the ladder itself, why should I be hampered in what runewords or items or cube recipes I’m allowed to use?  I just started a character and mostly play solo, but I will simply never be able to get the ladder-only items because the ladder resets too often, and I just don’t play frequently enough.  It’s really dumb.
        There are better ways to deal with dupes and hacks than just resetting everything.  How will that stop duping?  People will just dupe again on the new ladder.
        Besides, D2 isn’t a competitive game, it’s a cooperative game.  I don’t play it to see how fast I can get to 99, I play it to see what kinda loot I can get and how strong I can make my character *for me*.  Not to compare to everyone else.

      • I could spew a wall of text on this as well, but I won’t.
        Its a silly system, but if I already bought the game, why keep me around chewing up their bandwidth etc.? Well played Blizzard, even if it is an accident.

        • I thought Blizzard already released a statement/blue post where they said they didn’t like ladder races.

  3. It’s to reset the economies.  Of course there are better ways to do that, and that’s why D3 will not be seeing ladders.  D2 on the other hand is 10 YEARS OLD.  Not as much technology was available then, and I couldn’t see any company using valuable development time revamping a 10 year old game, especially when D3 is coming out.

  4. Would nobody miss ladders? (I’m not talking about resets and economy, just a way to compare yourself with others, in PvP and HC for example)

    I think it’s well worth a community poll.

    • Ladders are fine, but when it’s completely based on who hits the level cap first it’s kinda dumb.  This is particularly true for d3 where level 60 will supposedly be MUCH easier to reach than 99 was in d2.  A ladder that weights your character’s strength or just shows where you rank in pvp makes sense.  Hate the D2 one though, in all it’s aspects.

        • won’t be a ladder system in D3. It will be a wow system, “LIFE BEGINS AT 60”

          Also about time they reset ladder, been hanging for 1 last shot at D2.

          • How do you figure D3 “life begins at 60”?
            You have to beat the game 3 times to get to 60 and inferno.
            Sure the grind begins at 60, I fully agree to that.

    • Yer I’d miss them, I love the rush and cooperative play you get straight out the door. It can be a git to find or make a baalrun were only you or maybe you and one other are not just leaching, but when you do though its a real joy to play.

      Sadly it never lasts long, then the bots are back up and running, people can twink and seem to profer getting rushed.

  5. I’m looking forward to the day when there will be no more D2 ladder resets. Because then I will be playing D3.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this. I’d like to play some D2 while waiting for D3 but I don’t want to get too into it if reset is pending. I have zero interest in playing a gimp version of D2 at this point (read non-ladder) so I guess I’ll do what I always do when it comes to Blizzard games…wait!

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