Diablo 2 Ladder Reset on 27 May

Diablo 2 Ladder Reset on 27 May
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Fresh Start

It’s been six months since the last one so Diablo 2 players will be just about ready for another reset. That is scheduled to happen on 27th May.

It’s that time again! On the morning of May 27, we’ll be conducting maintenance in order to reset the Diablo II ladder. We anticipate the realms could be down for up to six hours, and during that time all existing ladder characters will be converted to non-ladder. All characters and items being converted to non-ladder will remain intact, but once converted these characters will no longer have access to ladder content such as ladder-only rune words. This ladder reset, like all those before it, creates a clean slate where all ladder characters begin at level 1 with no previous items to help them. To participate, simply wait until the Diablo II realms return to service on May 27, log in to Battle.net, and select the “Ladder Character” checkbox when creating a new character. You can track ladder character leveling progress by clicking on the Ladder button from the main Diablo II in-game Battle.net interface.

If you’ve never taken part in the Diablo 2 ladders and wonder what they are then you can read all about them in the article on Diablo Wiki. It’s good preparation for the Diablo 3 ladders which will operate in a similar fashion.

There’s always been a healthy following of the Diablo 2 ladders on the forums and plans in the community have already begun so hop in if it takes your fancy.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Ladder Reset on 27 May

  1. The worst part of D3 is that it killed D2s playerbase 🙁 It was difficult to find runs in the years leading up to D3s release but at least with some patience you could get in some. Now it seems there are literally no public runs going on ever. Was actually pretty depressing the first time I logged in after getting bored of D3. Still tons of fun and worth playing, maybe I’ll have to look back into the Dclone IRC, I’m sure that’s gotta still be around

  2. Seriously been thinking about going back to D3, probably won’t install on win8 though.

  3. Hmm

    Think i prefer d2 over d3 quite huge.
    Might play it on multiplayer when the ladder reset

  4. just starting up after 8 years of no d2 if anyone wants to join me, after the ladder reset may 27th please feel free to whisper me /w The_color_blue

  5. Did the reset already happen its like almost 11am in Michigan and servers are up. Someone please let me know

  6. ladder reset is going on now my realm west is currently down it didnt start till around 12 i hope it is ready soon!!

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