Diablo 2 Ladder Reset 22 November – Jumping Back in?

Diablo 2Following BlizzCon, I’ve noticed more Diablo players are looking to jump back into Diablo 2 and now is as good a time as any because the Diablo 2 ladder reset is just over a week away.

Start deciding your next build, because it’s ladder reset time. We’ll take the servers down for maintenance on November 22nd at 10:00 AM PST. Expect a few hours of downtime.

If you are heading back the D2, or starting to play it for the first time, make sure you check the Diablo 2 Wiki. There’s also over a decade of knowledge available in the Diablo 2 forums and these links will help new or rusty players


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  1. I would like a diablo II burnt CD. Is there any available

  2. Am skipping it, but only because I’m playing Path of Diablo (the D2 mod) instead!

    It’s pretty close to D2 as it stands currently. However, it has ongoing skill balancing, as well as few things taken from path of exile (maps, a couple of skills and some other smaller things) and more generous rune drop rates.

    For anyone a bit bored with D3 and the horrible botting on D2, I recommend you give it a go!

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