Diablo 2 Jigsaws, Acts 1-4

After a very slow week for new Diablo 3 news, we’re going back to the old days, with another installment of Diablo 2 jigsaws. These are everyone’s favorite huge, map-like images of entire levels, created by Alibabos who pieced together dozens of individual screenshots for each image. We’ve got four newly added, including the Outer Cloister, the Ruined Temple, the Act 3 Sewers: Level 2, and a lonely Diablo standing in the pentagram area of his Chaos Sanctuary.

These brings us to 38 images in the D2 Jigsaws gallery, and virtually every non-random area in the game is now documented, along with some interesting D2 magazine ads and other archival goodies. Have a look around, or click though the thumbnails below. As always, you should click through to the large images; all are virtually poster sized and show amazing detail and perspective you never get while playing the game.


If you missed them, check out the first two Diablo 3 jigsaws, added a couple of weeks ago after enormous labor by EtherealUnity.

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1 thought on “Diablo 2 Jigsaws, Acts 1-4

  1. lvl 18, 7 skellies, 1 gumby, 1 def merc. (+3RS wand, +2RS head is how i got to 7 case you were wondering.) 5SM.

    20 seconds after entering he dropped.  course i was only left with 2 bags of bones to follow me after the battle.

    Despite being a dude, he’s a real bitch for most other classes.

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