Another batch of Diablo 2 jigsaw images to enliven your weekend. This bunch features one post-release creation, a classic D2 magazine ad from 1999, a Google Map version of Sanctuary, and an odd jigsaw from the Act 2 desert. The last one is the most interesting, since it appears to be an error by our earlier, uninformed selves, with monsters on a level above one of the Tal Rasha tomb entrances.

    A closer look shows that the jigsaw isn’t in error, since the top of the tomb is visible in both shots. It’s instead a nice piece of evidence of how differently the game levels were set to spawn in pre-release versions of Diablo 2. There’s no telling if there was initially a second, upper level to the Canyon of the Magi, or if the art for the tomb entrances was used for other dungeon entrances elsewhere in the act. That one’s on the lower right, but all of these are worth a click to see them full size.




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