Diablo 2 Curse of Tristram Starcraft 2 mod gets new beta footage

Diablo 2 Curse of Tristram Starcraft 2 mod gets new beta footage

The Diablo 2 Curse of Tristram StarCraft 2 mod has been in the works for quite some time and there’s a new video to check out featuring the first beta footage.

The mod is being published through the StarCraft 2 Arcade and is free. To try it out, simply launch StarCraft 2 and click Arcade at the top. Search for Curse of Tristram, and if you like what you see, then there’s donate Patreon page to chip in.

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    15 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Curse of Tristram Starcraft 2 mod gets new beta footage

    1. So some modders can make D2 in SC2 and Blizzard itself can only offer some bootleg greater rift version of D1 in D3 and thought we were supposed to get happy about it? lol. Jay Wilson: “What other game company would patch a whole nother game in for free?” LOL. This is cool, the only problem is it’s D2… It’s still easy enough to play the actual D2. I would like to see them make a D2 like game with all of D3s classes and skills, like D3 should have been. With items that actually matter and quests that are rewarding.

    2. Amazing… Blizzard could learn something from this mod.

      Absolutely love the very beginning when the hero just stepped out of town and just got off the bridge. It seems to be at dusk, with a thunderstorm approaching and the rain becoming stronger. The sun disappeared at the horizon a while ago and it is uncertain if it ever will rise again. It is up to me to venture into the unknown to destroy all evil with all odds against me. Totally gives me goosebumps because it feels like it would be wiser to remain in the camp at night.

    3. stupid MOD
      lags like hell
      nothing new , only recycled shit !
      controls are also not good

      Nothing better then the real stuff !!

      • Your grammar and spelling are atrocious. You make us all less intelligent reading what you post.

        • Sure say something about the person and not the subject bcoz you can’t handle what i said , do you

    4. i would have preffered something NEW like, keeing the starcraft 2 UI design, AND maybe replacing the enemies with starcraft ones, , i mean, there arent that many diablo ii enemies and most are recolored or slightly tweaked versions of themselves, so one could get most of the enemies replaced by starcraft units, recolor some, heck, even do the same with the terrain, a “sci-fi” recreation of diablo II instead of just diablo ii running on starcraft, that would be way cooler, (keeping of course the story and characters and all just, replacing the VISUALS)

      • since there doesnt seem to be an edit button i will reply instead
        i got tricked by the DII LOD image, it is diablo I, anyway the idea is the same, just wanted to get that clear, DIABLO, not DII ok?
        there are some nice visual effects (because its using the SCII engine) and all but… honestly, not that much difference, though i admit, thats what blizzard should ahve done isntead of the dumb downgraded diablo one recreation they did for diablo III

        • diablo I ……….. LOL?
          there is nothing remotely diablo 1 about that gameplay footage! pure sacrilege!
          perhaps you were talking about something else, if not … (speechless)

    5. Although it’s only a beta, it has a bright future.

      However, i strongly remember to have read in the SC editor terms of service that it is strictly forbidden to use the engine to recreate another blizz game. I remember thinking about this about a year ago, when I wanted to see if something like this could be done (and get away with it), Guess that someone was thinking the same as I did.

      So perhaps blizz will take it down once it reaches a certain level of success. I mean, they probably are watching to see how successful it is, and then come down with a cease and desist letter to the devs, as it has already happened before (android remake of starcraft 1), and all the fans will be screwed once again since blizz has full control of the content on their online platform, so I would say… play it while it lasts. It really sucks to know that someone else is in control of what you want to do, and how you do it.

      • They aren’t in control of what you want to do nor how you do it. You’re a fool. They do however control the copyright. If they say no, then it’s a no. No amount of crying will make that change.

        • Think about every time they have nerfed a skill, an item or a gameplay mechanic. Although some have been improvements, the rest have been changes that affect how you were playing or how much time you had devoted to perfecting a build just to be rendered useless in a patch. Cases in point: monk’s generator set, energy twister wizard. Mechanics that work today perhaps won’t work tomorrow. They don’t care how much time you spent building/perfecting the stats of your char. When they want to nerf something they just do it. That’s how they are in control and how they tell you how to do things. Think about that before you start showing your education by calling people names.

          • thesatanist is right. Blizzard are a bunch of control freaks that go way beyond the copyright. I made a book a few years back and I’m all for copyright protection. But all the micro managing going on here masquerading as game balance isn’t copyright. My copyright doesn’t give me the right to tell people what page order they can or can’t read my book in for example. Yet I probably could do that if it were an e-book. (Not that anyone would buy it then, but that’s beside the point) It’s a symptom of the growing number of sheeple gobbling up E products and the “fuck you clauses” that go with them that’s enabling these manufacturers to increasingly profit from this BS.

        • If you are in the mood, read this article for an opinion of someone outside the diablo world. Different game, but the same company. 2017.


          Reading that grounded my (already low) expectations for a redeeming diablo 4 game. If this is happening all across blizz’ game rooster, why should we expect diablo 4 to be different if it’s made by the same people that is in charge? In my humble opinion, the only chance for redemption would be if the game is outsourced to a reputable game studio, and given a big degree of freedom.

          But we know that that ain’t gonna happen.

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