As we get into gear for Diablo 3, we’re steadily adding more site features, and resurrecting old ones. Today brings the return of our columnist archives. From 2002-2006 we hosted a number of regular bi-weekly columns on all things Diablo 2, and with at least one new columnist starting up next week, we’re getting the old columnist archives back online.

    To get things started, we’ve put the full archives of one of our old columnists online, and will be adding another one each day from now on. The first to return is Osteomata’s Bone Appetit. This was our shortest-lived column, running just 7 installments, but in that time Osteomata wrote some nice parodies, engaged in some interesting in-game psych ops, interviewed PKs, and did what he could to amuse the D2 community. His columns are all online and linked from his author page.

    1. Diablos in the Mist.
    2. It’s Blizzard Bashin’ Time!
    3. Interview with the PK.
    4. Dear Cousin Atma.
    5. Just discovered: Removed NPC Comments.
    6. Bigots and Racists and Homophobes, Oh My!
    7. Ask A Necromancer.

    About the Author

    Osteomata, or Jack Likens to his family and fri…(ok just to his family) is one of only 5 people actually born in Florida before 1970, as opposed to moving there from New York or some other Northern state. He is a Naval Officer on active duty, having graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy back when hazing was a bit more common, thus explaining his mild yet entertaining personality disorder. A long time RPGer, he perversely admits to playing Dungeons & Dragons as a youth, and descending from there into computer generated gaming addictions.

    Not content with distorting his own life with these games, he frequently plays online with his son, though his daughter contents herself with AIM and The Sims. He lives with his girlfriend in pre-marital bliss, and she (mostly) tolerates his gaming, except on date night. Never again on date night. I promise, really.

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