Diablo 2 celebrates its 17th birthday

Diablo 2 celebrates its 17th birthday

It was 17 years ago when many of you probably bunked of school or college to get stuck into one of the finest PC games ever made. Here at Diabloii.Net and DiabloWiki we were super excited about its release and we thank all of you who came along with us for the Diablo 2 ride.

Diablo 2 was released 17 years ago, 29 July 2000. It seems like a long time ago now but it’s one of the most enduring games ever made with a large community still playing the classic. By 2014, Diablo 2 had sold a whopping 20 million copies proving it was a smash hit for Blizzard.

David Brevik took to Twitter to wish Diablo 2 a happy birthday today too.

I think we can all agree that Diablo 2 is simply fantastic and I hope that Blizzard is currently working on that remaster. Happy birthday Diablo 2 and to the Diablo 2 community here on Diabloii.Net.

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    8 thoughts on “Diablo 2 celebrates its 17th birthday

    1. Make a remaster of 2 but add a little and in D3 bring back charms!so we can make more builds

    2. I remember playing a demo of Diablo 2 from PC Gamer, it was great! Killing bloodraven loads of times! Don’t think it was much past there before it ended.

      • The Demo / Stress Test Beta went up to the Graveyard, so Bloodraven was the boss there, but you could run the two crypt dungeons there as well.

        In the Stress Test Beta, crazy people with no lives got themselves up to clvl22 just from running the graveyard over and over again.

    3. Thanks for being around for so long, it’s been a pleasure to play Diablo2 at your side and an experience bashing Diablo3 for not living up to his elder brother 😀

      • Yes, it’s been 20 years for Diabloii.Net this year and we’re all just that little bit older 😉

    4. One of two games that got me hooked on PC gaming.

      Still playing it regularly, albeit via the Path of Diablo mod 🙂

      Happy Birthday D2 :D.

    5. I was busy working/at school at the time D2 was released, but read all the reviews and bought all the mags about it I could find. And at 3 CDs, I thought this game was huge. The following year I spent all summer playing it in my brand-new Pentium 3 computer. Btw I also bought a strange piece of hardware called “Strategic Commander”, which was made by Microsoft and was the equivalent of today’s Razer Tartarus/Orbweaver, which let you map keystrokes to buttons to help myself with all the F1-F12 keys when using spells.

      Perhaps that’s what I hate the most of D3: the dumbed-down console-friendly only-4 skills at a time for the keyboad. I really liked the D2 mechanic of having as much available skills at anytime as you wanted, and I feel the D3 mechanic very limited. That’s why I still play D2.

      Thanks for the memories, D2. Happy anniversary.

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