Diablo 1 Multiplayer Tips

Fans who recently got one of the Diablo BattleChest off the Amazone One-Day Deal, or who don’t know how to set up multiplayer may benefit from this info provided by a Blizzard Rep.  Nothing like a good run through Diablo 1 to experience the bits of lore and content there to expand your knowledge in expectation of Diablo III’s storyline.

Cold_blade:  I bought the Diablo Battle Chest recently which includes Diablo 1, my little brothers wanted to play it over LAN and since my bandwidth will not support multiple instances of the same exact program running at the same time (Diablo 1 has no CD-key authentication), is there any way to play it over LAN with modern routers? (Airport Express, all windows XP Pro computers, around 3) Also, I know Blizzard doesn’t support it, does the Hellfire Expansion affect networking (as long as I have the multiplayer dll’s).

Datth: Diablo 1 will have trouble if you connect to Battle.net using a shared connection. It’s best to install the IPX protocol (since these are XP machines) and use that to connect to one another. It’ll also work on the Hellfire expansion pack from Sierra. You may find more information it here.

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  1. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Diablo 2’s load times, particularly since there were none (unless you count going between acts). And even then, the load screen takes MAYBE two seconds if you have a slow computer.

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