eric sexton

    Eric Sexton

    Eric Sexton may not be a name you’ve heard in a while but followers of the first two Diablo games should know him well as he spent ten years working on the Diablo franchise at Blizzard North.

    Eric started out as an artist on Diablo and animated the characters in the first game and contributed to the creation of the iconic bustcher’s room and wrote many of the quest concepts. In Diablo 2 he took on more of a design role contributing to the story and world development. More recently he also worked on Borderlands II creating NPCs and monsters.

    Today he’s re-entered the world of ARPGs and joined Crate Entertainment who are currently working on Grim Dawn which is currently in Steam Early Access. Eric’s new role will involve world building and lore for the game in the months ahead.

    Great to see Eric back working on an ARPG again and we wish him luck in his new position.

    Diablo Butcher Room

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