Devil’s Hand is not Returning, Despite Adventure Mode tooltip

Some fans have noticed that the Adventure Mode button on game creation now mentions the Devil’s Hand as one game type, along with bounties and adventure mode. This is news to new people and curiously memory refreshing to those of us who have been following the datamining for a long time. It’s not anything that’s actually going to happen in the game, as the Devil’s Hand is not Returning, despite Adventure Mode tooltip.

*Devil’s Hand* Mode – Incoming !!?

Adventure Mode tooltip.
Adventure Mode tooltip.
Just log in and take a look at the description for Adventure mode…

…it could also be an old description that just might have found its way back.

Nevalistis: This is actually the case here. It seems the description of Adventure Mode from a previous build somehow wormed its way in to this particular patch. =( I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

One thing you learn if you ever look at the code of a video game or any other large software project is that nothing ever seems to get deleted. The code and art assets are all left in there; they’re just disabled or deactivated, or nothing points to them anymore. Thus we always see datamining unearthing all sorts of old artwork and incomplete features in games. Incomplete features actually provided the backbone for some of the best mod-making material in Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, and probably would in Diablo 3 as well, if it wasn’t online-only.

As for the Devil’s Hand… it was never functional in a version of the game that anyone outside of Blizzard got to try, but you can read a lot about it from datamining in the DiabloWikiThe Devil’s Hand article in the Wiki. We don’t know all the details, but it sounds like an early version of Adventure Mode; a sort of open world play, where players would have gone on a scavenger hunt, following bounties to collect a special suite of items that could be converted into a random legendary item.

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7 thoughts on “Devil’s Hand is not Returning, Despite Adventure Mode tooltip

  1. so just bad design practices. they should remove these things from public releases and keep them in their resource repository if they want to preserve them.

  2. It seems like nothing was lost. We have the scavenger hunt, since Legendary crafting materials drop from specific enemies or objects. We also have bounties, most of which target enemies that can drop said crafting materials. I think Flux is right, the current Adventure and Story mode together are the result of the redesign of previous Devil’s Hand ideas.

  3. Devil’s Hand is not Returning…………in this expansion *wink wink* (they have to hold on to something for the next expansion).

    • It’s not returning, because it’s features are already in the game, just in a slightly different way. 🙂

  4. I remembered the old UI for Devil’s Hand looked really gothic, with dice and tarot cards. Such a pity it isn’t making a way to RoS, way looking for something new and surprising.

  5. Yeah, the name and aesthetic are really nice. Hopefully they’ll reuse those elements down the line for another (non-redundant) purpose.

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