Devilian: Diablo 3 Inspired MORPG

I was alerted to this on our Facebook page by Hyowon Choi who came across an RPG under development at  Korean games company Ginno Games.   Their site is in Korean as you’d expect and even employing a translator not too much can be gleaned from it.  However the artwork and videos leave you in little doubt the lines between inspiration and replication can at times blur.

The hack ‘n’ slash MMORPG has been in development since 2009 and is went into beta testing at the end of November but will only be available in Korea.  From the videos it looks nicely paced with some interesting environments  but I could see a few eyebrows being raised at Blizzard with the above bosses.  There are a couple of videos after the break showing gameplay with some familiar looking and sounding skills.

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29 thoughts on “Devilian: Diablo 3 Inspired MORPG

  1. I don’t know anything about the Korean / East Asian MMO market, but it seems to me that every other day I hear about a new MMO. Given that MMOs tend to be pretty huge time drains, how do these guys hope to compete against one another? Don’t they just create a huge, fractured userbase that causes them all to die pretty quickly because they don’t have enough subs/microtransactions to justify the server / future development costs?

  2. Maybe they’ll take the concept and improve upon it. Is it just the beta that is available in Korea only or is the final game to be restricted also?

    • Yeah I want to know this also, too many games stuck in Asia that aren’t over here when they should be.

    • Lots of explosive moves and destruction plus the character animation are so awesome!! Which is Diablo 3 should be in the first place.

  3. Actually, I like their more bestial cop…’interpretation’ of Azmodan, from an artistic standpoint.

  4. While it looks like they took or stole a lot of stuff from Diablo III it actually looks really fun and I want to try it out.

  5. wha? This looks interesting actually…..I want to try it out, there wont be an english version?! :O

  6. They seem to have realized a keyboard has more than 4 action keys 🙂 I was constantly hoping for some items to drop but none seem to do. Not sure that is a big disadvantage compared to D3 😉

  7. Looks like what I wished d3 would be like!
    Sadly it won’t show up in the west anytime soon or ever after blizz bury them in lawyers for making a better game with a fraction of the time…

  8. it looks like someone took TL2’s mod tools and made a D3 total conversion. Resulting in a weird fusion of the art styles.

  9. Copy or not their “Azmodan” looks way better than blizzards and even the combat looks better especially that chain/whip.

  10. They took D3 and updated some of the graphics, SOME, not all. Moreof the same with improved graphics I guess. I agree that it looks good, but seriously you want to try it because of the use of a whip? Sure, looks cool, but that would be all. The gameplay looks a little bit more responsive than D3, with a lot of key sets to use. But they didn´t even mind to change what they copied from D3. I mean, even the barbarians fury globe color is the same , and the backgrounds are the exact same too 😛
    Seriously, I think it is not worth it.

  11. almost every area shown is a depressing reminder how much better D3 would’ve been if they had people with talent on their team

  12. Wow it looks like some blizzard employes stole this awesome korean project and quickly released a half assed version of it and called it diablo 3.

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