Travis Day promised that every single legendary item you find will be exciting and dramatic, once itemization improvements are made in some future patch.

    UNID’s icon should be unrecognizable. This essential for me to be excited about drops again.
    Travis Day: That’s an interesting idea. It is unfortunate when you see a legendary crossbow, pick it up, and realize its a Hellrack. I’ve got an alternate idea, what if we make all the legendary items good so that you can Actually get excited even if you know it’s a Hellrack? 😉

    Okay, he didn’t exactly say what this post’s headline says, but I thought I’d try twisting a blue quote around like the kewl kidz on the B.net forums do. Can now I am kewl too?

    What does Travis really mean, though? Obviously not that every single legendary you find will be awesome, since that would get boring very quickly. After all, if every Legendary was great then soon enough everyone would have an awesome legendary and you remember what Syndrome said about that.

    Back in March Travis discussed one improvement to legendary items, in Itemization blog:

    When the game first launched, an item’s potential stats were largely indicated by its item level. This made it so you’d know in advance whether or not an item was worth the trouble of identifying. In 1.0.5, we made it so that the stat ranges for affixes were based on the level of the monster or container that dropped the item rather than the item’s level, which created the possibility of more items rolling competitive values.

    We’d like to continue with this line of reasoning and use it to make Legendaries more powerful. In the future, we plan to allow Legendary items to also roll their base stats (weapon DPS and armor value) at the level of the monster that dropped them.

    We don’t have figures or details about how this will work, but the theory seems viable, at least for lower level legendaries that have some end game desirable mods. Travis mentioned Leoric’s Signet in the itemization blog, which rules thanks to +%exp and pickup, but I don’t see how that will help with the dozens of level 60-63 legendaries that suck.

    Hellrack vs. Manticore.

    Hellrack vs. Manticore.

    Like, say, the Hellrack.

    You can see a screenshots of the Hellrack vs. the uber-Xbow, the Manticore, right from Blizzard’s own game guide page, and they’re actually quite similar in DPS. (Which is the part that would be affected by randomizing the DPS roll and stat bonuses to the monster level.)

    The reason Manticores are (potentially) awesome while the Hellrack is a punchline has very little to do with the random DPS roll. You could actually switch their DPS and Manticores would still be far better at the high end, since they have inherent bonuses to DiabloWikiIAS, DiabloWikiCritical hit Damage, and potential to roll with a double socket. Thus in this instance, Travis has to be talking about much more changing than just the random damage mod, since that alone would make no difference in quality for 99.999% of Hellracks. The Hellrack, and dozens of other level 60-63 legendaries, need boosts to their inherent mods, not just potentially better random DPS and stat rolls, and while I’m sure Blizzard realizes that, it can’t hurt to state it again.

    That said, how about the OP’s suggestion, that unIDed items not show their graphic so you wouldn’t know whether to exult in a Mempo or sob at another Andy’s hat as soon as you opened your inventory to view that orange Helm? I’m not a fan…

    I like the current system, which is basically a three stage reveal.

      1) You see the legendary or set item and type when it drops, and maybe get excited or maybe curse at another useless orange Spirit Stone.

      2) You view the item in your inventory and know from the graphic and/or item level which particular set or legendary item it is. (This enables the economic lottery spin of buying or selling an un’id’ed item for a lot more than a junk roll / a lot less than a great roll is worth.)

      3) You ID the item and cross your fingers.

      3.1) You curse at not-Griswold while salvaging another Fiery Brimstone.

    I’d like to stop after step 3 more often than proceeding directly to step 3.1, but I quite enjoy the approach to step 2, and the moment of suspense between seeing a green or orange item type, and finding out which one it actually is.

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