Developer Diary 2 Unlocks

The second developer diary has now unlocked as the Darkness Falls promotion reaches 30%. This video was shot back on April 5th 2011 prior to the internal Alpha test starting. Jay Wilson, Christian Lichtner, and Jason Regier take part in this one.

Thanks to Adan, Snerra and Edward for the heads-up.

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    52 thoughts on “Developer Diary 2 Unlocks

      • Wow jsut wow why even bother making these if it just tells you well NOTHING just wow that was 4:31 seconds ill never get back…

      • Some people can’t stop whining it seems. These things are just casual bonuses, don’t watch them now.

      • That’s what interviews are like, a look into their life behind the scene.  Many people like this kind of humane things.
        On the other hand, your comment is truly full of nothing.

        • I like interviews, I even like this interview, I i didn’t waste my time at all; I simply don’t understand the way of Blizzard to keep up the hype with these videos : they are not daily, they are not showing screenshots or in game videos of the early development process… they are quite empty for me.  

      • Were you expecting new gameplay info? It is an interview about behind the scenes stuff. Make sure you don’t watch that \making of\ dvd that comes with the CE, it won’t have any new info either.

    1. Kinda like these that they will show interviews over past year and able to hear how they see the implementation progress is going on.

    2. are you handsome?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  

    3. He does indeed have a Big Shiny Head. Let’s hope the QA department is doing better than the guys at pre-interview make-up. 

      The video makes you appreciate how much work has gone into this, though. To go from essentially a blank piece of paper to a fully fleshed out game world, with systems, servers, interfaces and networks all co-ordinating is a pretty awesome achievement. And not one of those crappy 10 point achievements, but a 20 point one!

      • i wonder if on that piece of paper they put “let’s have melee mobs hit players from half a screen away”.

      • Sure, if by “blank piece of paper” you mean “six years of engine work and at least four years of concept work and character design, with the technology of the far-and-away world’s #1 MMO available”, which is where they were as of 2006.
        But, sure, getting a game done in a dozen years with unlimited resources.  Amazing.

        • They re-did the engine from scratch and threw out most of that concept work around 2005-2006.

          • And, of course, you have absolutely no link to back up that assertion.
            They didn’t throw out anything in terms of the engine, they just built on it over all dozen years.  They did, however, throw out plenty of people, including many, many leads.
            As for your line about concept work – V Lee clearly dated his stuff going back to 2003, some of which has been released.  I’d love to see you repost that line when much of the work clearly inspired by those dated pictures is obviously in the game.

    4. Lol when they say they want to make the UI look as great as possible…

      Not only that they have a hardon for the Interface which is a complete social castration to players. When you log on you feel like you’re in solitary confinement.  

    5. We have up to five part of Dev Diary right? I predict that the fifth one will be late 2011 and they’re crying for not being able to meet the target launch date loll

    6. Man, a lot of you guys are freaking sad. I’m only 21; and I remember when I would bitch about things in a game. Do you people have any idea of how much goes into a game, and how hard it is to change it in the late stages. *Wha I wasted my time watching this…* Go die. What do you have better to do if you’re searching the internet for things based on D3!? I search shit on it a lot, i’m not gonna lie. But when I see something I don’t say, “Man I just wasted my life…” Just grow up a bit people.
      This goes out to the people that don’t bitch. *We need to unite and keep the fags out of Bnet!*
      😈   😈   😈  I’m an asshole I know.

      • If all the whiners didn’t post, there would only be two comments per topic…

        Something I found amusing, is JW saying how important sleep is – and he looks like he hasn’t slept for a month 🙂 

    7. What’s funny to me is not necessarily their weird off-topic discussions, but that they still do the dramatic Diablo 3 logo right after it… It’s like “yeah, you should get more sleep…” *queue tribal singing and burning slashes as ‘Diablo’ drops in with a loud clanging noise* I don’t know… whatever. I just hope they don’t duplicate these videos on the CE behind-the-scenes dvd. Then it really will feel like a waste of time… 😐

    8. Would I be thinking about getting in the gaming industry and watch this video, I’d toss the idea out of the window.

    9. i would prefer something with more depth from these. i mean if they are gonna bring up year old videos then at least have then talk about everything so we can see how different it all is now compared to their vision at that time

      • Just wait until you play the game and realize a week later that the personality that made the replayability in the older games just isn’t there.
        What you see here is what you get.

    10. I guess Blizzard specifically saw Flux’s post on the transparency of the timing of the unlocks and changed the algorithm driving the whole thing accordingly.  Instead of being at “~20% on Friday or Saturday” we are now at ~30%!

    11. Seems like a waste of time. If they shot these videos 3/12 instead of 4/11, it would be much better.

    12. I quite like this video, it somewhat puts that personal stamp on the effort behind the game, gives you full appreciation of the scale of the beast.

      Hopefully all this effort will pay off and we will all be blown away and all the naysayers will wind their necks in upon release….. roll on 15/5!! 

    13. Some of the comments… dear God, I hope I never accidentally group with any of these people.  Making fun of how Jay Wilson looks while you hide behind an avatar and keyboard, probably producing next to nothing for society career-wise while this D3 team will introduce millions of dollars into the world economy, not to mention a fun and captivating game!  Please, add my battletag to your ignore/block list on launch.  I can’t imagine how often most of you trolls probably wipe on normal mode.

      Now back on topic, I think these interviews are kind of neat.  We know all of the technical details that we are ever going to know pre-release minus just a few tidbits.  These are like the extras that you get on DVDs when you order CEs of most games.

    14. All I can think of is how tired they look. They must be really burning the candle at both ends here and then some more in the middle. Heh.

    15. I believe the reason they, and Jay in particular, look bad in these videos is the lighting. Almost no one would look good the way these are shot. I feel bad… it’s like they just pulled them away from their workstations without warning and threw them in a room with a cheap camcorder and said, “Okay, go!”

      And then we get all these dudes taking potshots at their looks from behind a computer. You sound like a bunch of 12-year-old girls.

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