Details on Diablo 3 Monster Density Adjustments

We and many commenters noted the changes to Diablo 3 Monster density in the last PTR update and wondered what this meant:

Certain areas in Act I and Act II have received further adjustments to Monster Density.

An update tonight shares more specifics.

In the latest PTR patch notes for build 16033, we noted that “certain areas in Act I and Act II have received further adjustments to Monster Density.” We’ve seen some players ask what zones this change applies to, so here’s a bit more information.

  • Zones that are bolded received a straight-up buff to their density.
  • Zones that are italicized were slightly nerfed.
  • All other zones had monster spawns adjusted to make them feel more “clumpy.”
  • Act I:

  • The Lyceum
  • Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1
  • Weeping Hollow
  • Cathedral Level 1
  • Cathedral Level 2
  • Leoric’s Hunting Grounds
  • Whimsyshire
  • Act II:

  • Realm of Shadow
  • Dahlgur Oasis
  • Vile Cavern
  • The Storm Halls
  • The Unknown Depths
  • The Eastern Channel
  • The Western Channel
  • Thank you to everyone who’s posted about the density changes so far; your feedback is incredibly appreciated. We’re still fine tuning monster density across all Acts, so please be sure to keep sharing your thoughts and experiences from the PTR. 🙂

    I color coded the changes since I could hardly tell the italicized one on the Blizzard post. And no real surprise that the Realm of Shadow has been nerfed a bit, since as I noted in our monster density article, the shadow things were cockroach-like in numbers. (Though very fun to nonstop squash.) The clumpiness changes should be good as well, since big thick bunches are more fun than a steady approach of scattered enemies. To the PTR with you!

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    16 thoughts on “Details on Diablo 3 Monster Density Adjustments

      • Most of us have been complaining about things like this 3-4 years before release.

        Nice to know Blizz only needs half a year after release to put in a band-aid fix that doesn’t even fix the underlying issue.

        • Now than you say it its kind of true, one complain as betatester was the need to have more mobs with situation like zombies/skelletons raising slowly etc…

          • Which is pretty damn sad because we were lied to about how monster density increased by difficulty, along with AI, damage, speed etc.

    1. And again the solutions is ENDLESS RANDOM DUNGEONs…Shame on you ActiBlizzard…shame on you…

      • The solution to what? And in what way do an endless dungeon solve it?

        I for one could not think of a more boring idea than a endless dungeon.

        • Problem: Low density, boredom repeating the same places again and again, the same mobs again and again, etc…

          Endless/Random dungeons: Developers can change the game density w/o screwing the main game, choose the right mobs for the new density, “make/randomize” better maps for farming (no 3km dead ends, more fluid, etc), new quests would be easy to create to give it more juice to the game, new events with the same goal game refreshment and funny farming, events like bosses, packs of elites…FARMING events, coz when you are paragon 100 you wanna farm not follow a guy 5 minutes to win a blue.

          That imho will make the game better to farm it, another HUGE CORE PROBLEM is itemization, but thats another matter.

      • I’m not a huge fan of the endless dungeons for a few reasons first and foremost I think it lacks a lot of creativity to better endgame options.

        If anyone plays PoE or TL2 both games have interesting takes on endgame ideas. Introducing an endless dungeon makes obsolete all farming in any acts and I actually agree with blizzard that a bare concept of an endless dung. is a bad idea.

        I think a different rift on PoE maps would be amazing for d3. Path of Exile has the downside of pretty much needing to get map drops inside of maps because farming maps outside of maps is incredibly tedious, especially with map levels. Shifting map drops over to inferno in d3 would just work out perfectly.

        There’s lots of ideas out there and even some that, imo, make an endless dungeon a great endgame, but usually those are pretty complex and likely would never make it to testing phase with blizz. So all in all I think the base concept of an endless dungeon is actually the least creative and beneficial for the game.

        • Thats what I meant, a thing like PoE even T2 would be nice, call it “endless” call it random, call it map.
          The thing about endless random dungeons is…its “easy” to do. More complex solutions like maps/correct game dessign would be an Expansion. And seeing how is Blizzard working…a late late expansion.
          Lets wait for good new at Blizzcon soon…I’m not optimistic at all, let me just say it.

      • Why not mobs that swarm and mobs that clump. Why only the one or the other? Both could be quite more interesting, i think.

    2. So just slightly fleshing out the concept of map drops like in path of exile and the affix/suffix of maps in PoE… Would anyone else think it would be a pretty cool concept to have a very similar system in d3 where the map rolls affixes negative to the player. IMO, it would be fun having to at least either change up your build i.e. there are map rolls a WW barb can’t simply face roll and hell why not have positive affixes roll too, but randomly and unknown to the player until they enter the map like 30 perc extra arcane dmg or something. Honestly I just want d3 endgame to have meaningful difficulty or is it simply too much to ask.

      • Great idea but like any great idea that PoE accomplishes easily it would take this team eons to roll it into the game. Also why should they work when the people remaining are clearly willing to accept the game in it’s current state? They really have no incentive to work that hard.

    3. Would have been cool to see some innovation. Like a slider to adjust monster density. Even if it was only one location like “whinseyshire”… god I fu*king hate even saying that name…

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