More Details on Diablo 3 Clans and Communities

Blizzard has posted an illustrated article about Clans and Communities as they’ll function in D3v2.0 and Reaper of Souls. The clans are live in the beta and on the PTR right now, and we’ve got a fair number of site regulars in the guild already, though it’ll all be reset once the test realm goes dark and D3 and RoS go live later in March.

Everyone loves a good nosy.
Everyone loves a good nosy.
Blizzard’s article is informative. It covers creating and joining clans, the various options and settings within them, and more. Here’s a short quote:

You can filter the news you receive in the News tab to include several different types of information.

For Clans and Communities:

  • Message of the Day: Notifies you of changes to the MOTD
  • Clan/Community Information: Notifies you of changes to the Clan Information entry
  • New Leader: Be among the first to know when Clan or Community Leadership changes hands
  • For Clans Only:

  • Items: Notifies you when a clan member finds a Legendary item and allows you to check out its stats
  • Achievements: Notifies you every time a clan member completes an Achievement
  • Member Joined: Notifies you when a new member joins the clan
  • Member Left: Notifies you when a member leaves the clan
  • Member Promoted: Allows you to track promotions within your clan
  • From the News tab (depending on your rank and permission level), you can also edit Clan or Community information, create news posts, and set the Message of the Day that Clan or Community members will see when logging into the game.

    The main perks of being in the clan is easy game joining and tracking of others. You can see everyone online and what sort of game they’re playing in, making it easy to multiplayer together. There’s also a fun epeen feature where everyone online gets a notification whenever someone in the clan IDs a legendary item or completes an achievement. And it’s helpful for communication, since there’s a clan chat channel, but more used is the instant clan message, which you can type in-game and send out to everyone in the clan in bright green letters.

    Unfortunately there isn’t any kind of clan lobby where you can all walk around with your characters, there’s nothing like a clan bank, and there aren’t any special clan trading options. It’s just social and chat. That said, having a quick way to communicate with others who share your interests, a chat room that’s not 90% gold selling spam bots, and the ability to quick message to arrange games or trades (of things like white items needed for crafting), is a useful thing.

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    13 thoughts on “More Details on Diablo 3 Clans and Communities

    1. I personally think they’ve done a great job of enhancing Diablo 3 with what was so great about clan/chat in Diablo 2. The incgamers clan has been pretty active on the PTR and it’s very easy to hop in games with folks when you can see where they are (what difficulty etc.)The legendary item find is a nice feature for the clans also and I’m very nostaligic to the player avatars at the bottom. I wish there could be some public clans for each class, maybe that could happen within the greater Bnet community through bnet forums etc. It’s also nice that you can join multiple clans.

    2. You can see the players avatars at the bottom in the clan? That’s cool. Seems small, but I really missed that from D2, although this is smaller in scale.

    3. I would like to be able to disable certain things, such as seeing achievements. They added 100’s of new ones, so first month or two, we will be flooded with them.

      • yeah, as people keep getting on the ptr and joining the guild, we see the same early easy achievements over and over again. But like you say, it’ll only be the first month or so of RoS when everyone dings the freebies, and much more sporadic after that.

    4. QUOTE

      I'm still curious as to why they decided these social features wasn't important to start with.

      I guess at the end of the day, they only have so many monkeys and typewriters and time, so not everything can get in.

    5. QUOTE

      I'm still curious as to why they decided these social features wasn't important to start with.

      My humble guess; they are very careful to not add anything “too good” into this game that can cannibalise on WoW subscriptions. Social features are likely extra high on that list.

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