DiabloWikiBashiok answered a few questions today, with varying degrees of joy. In the first he clarified a misconception regarding DiabloWikidestructible environments from a fan following up a Wizard-infatuated fan:

    Exactly how much damage will the environment be able to do?

    Will the damage be based on the size of the object thrown across the room?
    Will the damage be based on the difficulty of the game?
    Will damage be based on how fast the object is flying?

    In a nut shell, how much damage do you think the environment should be able to inflict on mobs. Should it be able to onehit mobs or should it be a small amount of bonus damage for those who think to use it.

    Bashiok: Only specific interactive objects will actually damage enemies. The falling wall, detachable chandeliers (AND MORE!). They’re specific ‘trap’ items that you can lure enemies toward and then spring on them. The little bits of physics objects that bust apart from DiabloWikidestructables don’t cause damage. You’re in charge of doing damage – not seeing how much debris you can fling at a monster.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok shed light, as only he can, on a key issue about D3 and B.net.

    Will Diablo 3 have achievements?

    Bashiok: Achievements are a feature of the Battle.net platform, sooooo…

    I unno?

    Over on Twitter, Bashiok linked to the new Starcraft 2 TV ad, which apparently ran during game four of the ongoing NBA finals. It’s an awesome ad, but um… is this an ad for SC2? I guess actual game footage would just show a slew of tiny units swarming around in confusing fashion, but honestly, would an impartial observer have the faintest clue that this was an RTS game? Or a game at all? I would have guessed it was for a movie, if I’d been trapped under a rock for the past few years.

    Bashiok even found time to reply to a fan via Twitter:

    where are the moderator complaint forms? by far bashiok represents none of the fans & barely understands any mechanics, why him?—ImMattDamon

    Our community manager feedback email is [email protected]

    Click through if you want even more Bashiok, as he answered eight irreverent/irrelevant questions in a time-killing B.net thread:

    At my primary web forum a poster named Backstop began what’s getting to be a long tradition: eight questions on a Thursday to pass the time. So I thought (especially given that everyone wants to talk but hasn’t much to say, that we might get to know one another a bit better. So let this be the first of a good tradition here:


    1. What will you be having for lunch today?

    Something vegetarian from our cafeteria.

    2. In the spirit of the new ad – who’s your favorite Mortal Kombat character?

    Scorpion? I don’t know. I’m not really into fighting games, personally.

    3. What’s your job title?

    Associate Community Manager

    4. How far is your commute?

    A few miles.

    5. Do you like where you live?

    It’s ok. It’s in Irvine so it’s stupidly expensive, and there’s not much going on. Lease is up in October, probably heading to Costa Mesa.

    6. Who would win in a fight: A grizzly bear or a siberian tiger?

    Tiger. Mobility is key.

    7. How about Wolverine versus T1000?

    I don’t think the T1000 could really do enough damage, so it’d be a stalemate until Logan figured out to toss him into some lava or whatever. Wolverine would win. T1000 has the whole liquid metal going on for it, but it’s not as quick thinking as a human.

    8. What’s better: A can of mixed nuts or a can of all cashews?

    I am not a cashew fan. Mixed nuts.

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