Destroying Items With Care

Blizzard has posted a short article that gives a quick overview of the crafting and salvaging systems, along with a mention of the sell-items-anywhere DiabloWikiCauldron of Jordan. It’s introductory level info, intended for the masses, but you may find it useful.

On a related topic, I’ve seen (and experienced) some confusion about how exactly the DiabloWikiStone of Recall works during the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta. When you use the Stone of Recall your character is motionless for 10 seconds to cast the spell. If you are undisturbed for that time, you teleport back to town, appearing on the DiabloWikiWaypoint. You do not actually cast a Town Portal that you can walk through. So you can not use the SoR before a battle to create a portal which you could then use for an emergency escape.

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30 thoughts on “Destroying Items With Care

  1. I’m confused as to which portion of the tooltip is a lie. The portion about a portal created in town to return you to where you were? It’s beta, I see it more as a non fully functioning item at this point than a lie.
    Other than the portal being created, everything seems to work exactly as described.

    • The tooltip says it creates a portal in town that you can return through. It does not, and you can not. I think that mention of “portal” is what’s causing confusion for some people.

      I’m sure it’ll be fixed at some point, though.

      • Odd cause I have seen players use SoR and they apper where the portal is and I have also seen people use the portal in town and go back to were they were.

        • Tester I talked to said the portals weren’t working, but as the consensus here in comments is that they are, i modified the post.

          • This must have been my mistake Flux, I do apologize. You get the SoR late in the beta so I actually only used it thre… twice actually. With the constant disconnects during the beta right now I probably just got booted from the servers and reconnected and never got a chance to experience the portals.
            Doing another play tonight for my 1080p video as a female Monk, so I’ll keep an eye out for this.
            Sorry for the misinformation! 😳

          • During my Monk playthough just now, I realized it DOES create a portal, so there’s no portal to “escape” with, but there’s one in town to hop back to where you were.
            Editing and compressing over 200GB of 1080p raw video right now 🙁 Don’t expect the video tonight, i’ll get it up tomorrow.

  2. Surprise, surprise….copied from Neverwinter Nights. What happened to originality in games, new ideas that pushed envelopes? *sigh* Set stat points…set skill options tied to specific levels…  Let’s add an auction house! It’ll be new, exciting, a moneymak..err..affordable and fun! Let’s make it online only with no SP option! Game security, huzzah! Besides, solo players who don’t play with others regardless of the mods they may use and don’t have decent internet connections because they don’t live in/near major cities, they’re <2% of our market. Too bad, so sad. Let’s set just 5 classes! ..and then we can make them pay…err..I mean, add new features, classes, and items in the expansions to broaden the gaming experience.  *Yawn* Have fun gaming zombies as you drop your hard-earned, or parent’s, coin on your high speed internet connection and buying new items so you can have an ‘uber’ character without earning it yourself. Shame on you makers of Diablo. You had an original idea, threw some brighter paint on it, added other game’s elements, and called it DIII…sure, you’ll make tons of money…expanding further from the original with the latest and greatest bells and whistles..all the while shedding diehard fans along the way in favor of flash-in-the-pan newbies to the genre that will move a few months down the line. Alas, farewell Rome.

    • Rather taken from Wows Heartstone that recalled you to your selected Inn.
      But who cares about that minor things, if it works well then why not.
      We have runestones in skills that is quite original i think.

    • Blizzard doesn’t do originality.  Everyone knows this.  Get over it.

      Diablo itself was slammed as a dumbing down of roleplaying games, remember?

    • After seeing all the videos and info. from the Beta.. I’m excited to play! The game looks awesome!
      Not sure why Mac is upset about the auction house. If you want to earn all your items by finding it yourself, don’t use it. I think trading is a neat element in RPG games. If you find something you don’t need but might be useful to another traveler, then sell it to them on the auction house. What’s the big deal? It might be unfair in PvP but I don’t see it being a problem in PvE. If a player bought all his/her high end gear and I don’t have them coz I don’t use the AH, is it going to affect me? No, I’m still going to go beat the game!

      And I don’t mind having to be online to play if it prevents hackers. I hated joining grps in D2 coz you see items around and you never knew if they were legit. I wanted to play a clean character but also don’t mind trading with other players as long as the items that were being traded were legit. Look at Guild Wars… an impressive game and it was all online play. Never had problems with it.
      You speak of bringing in new ideas. Like what? If blizzard sees things that work great in other games, I don’t have a problem with them implementing it in D3. I think it would be stupid not to.

    • In summary…

      Mac: “I want everyone to pay attention to me!!  Anti-Diablo screed on a Diablo fan site!”

      I’m sure if you look around hard enough you can find a bridge to go live under…

  3. Wait, so how does returning work to town work in the beta?  I’ve see videos with portals in town…

  4. All this basic info for the new people to the series is great. However, I’m wondering if they will help out anyone who has actually played the series for more than 5 minutes. Perhaps some interesting skill combos (yes I’ve seen the melee Wizard) and the like. Perhaps some interesting metagame tidbits.

  5. So, what is the point of selling to vendors anymore? I would think the Cauldron of Jordon would at least give you less gold when you use it…

    • This is what I thought/expected too, but vendors are just kind of there to buy things from if you want, and sell your junk while you’re there.
      I don’t really get the point of the CoJ being full-priced. It’d be a perfect way to sink more gold out of the economy by giving players 10-25% less gold from it.

      • I doubt it would extract any good from the economy.  As long as the SoR exists everyone with a significant pile of things worth selling would just go back to town to sell it.  Otherwise, everything would end up salvaged and very little gold would enter the economy (which could be a plus).  In the end it would just be one giant inconvenience.

  6. Flux, may I ask where you got that picture of the tooltip for Stone of Recall? It looks awfully fake, with that bad spelling and clumsy syntax.

  7. The tooltips for both Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube state that Shift-Left-Click will perform their stated function. Err, how would that work if they are both tied to Shift-LMB?

  8. Can anyone say whether the crafting materials combine to create superior materials?

    i.e 2 basic dust = 1 magic dust etc.

  9. What?  They’re copying Neverwinter Nights, now?  That was in the Original NWN game, the Stone of Recall.

  10. Bleh redd the first sentence “Facing down the forces of the Burning Hells is a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.” and closed the tab.  😛

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