Loving the art

    A new article up on IGN follows up on the recent GDC design panel with Art Director Christian Lichtner. The article looks at the design of Azmodan, armor sets and how they came up with the final Diablo character design.

    No mention of the nice hips Diablo is sporting these days, perhaps DiabloWikiSheablo was off the table for discussion. The article includes the concept art to illustrate the thinking behing the designs with comments from Christian.

    “It’s not quite what you expect, but still very true to Diablo. You can see a lot of spikes, very sharp shapes. It has a Geiger-esque quality to it. It’s still very beastly and demonic. Ultimately this one led to our last and final version.”

    You can also find hi-res versions of the slides after the break…

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