Designing a Demon with Lichtner With Images

Loving the art

A new article up on IGN follows up on the recent GDC design panel with Art Director Christian Lichtner. The article looks at the design of Azmodan, armor sets and how they came up with the final Diablo character design.

No mention of the nice hips Diablo is sporting these days, perhaps DiabloWikiSheablo was off the table for discussion. The article includes the concept art to illustrate the thinking behing the designs with comments from Christian.

“It’s not quite what you expect, but still very true to Diablo. You can see a lot of spikes, very sharp shapes. It has a Geiger-esque quality to it. It’s still very beastly and demonic. Ultimately this one led to our last and final version.”

You can also find hi-res versions of the slides after the break…

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    24 thoughts on “Designing a Demon with Lichtner With Images

    1. Even though the new sheablo is kind of a shock, I think they did an excellent job of portraying the Lord of Terror’s essence.

      • not quite as shocking if you’ve read the Book of Cain. knowing that Leah is the daughter of the Dark Wanderer, anything is possible really.

      • Completely agree. I absolutely _hate_ the final Diablo design. It’s beyond me how they could butcher him that badly and call it a good thing.
        The first design was far far better, even though it still had those godawful shouldermouths aswell, but I could accept that. This is just plain awful.
        It makes me sad, as the Diablo series was my favorite up until this iteration. If only Runic could get the rights back to it.. *wishful thinking*

    2. These spike look so awefull. why does he have these spikes at the arm? What sense does it make besides LOOK dangerous. In total i do not like the evil demons design (i have the book of cain). Spider fat asses.

      i likes andariel and mephisto, i hated duriel and baal. 

      and diablo in diablo 3: well, lets wait until we see it ingame. i hope it wont be a rabbit ^^ but a skilled bad ass.

      on pic 3 i think it must suck to be diablo. he cant even really turn his head without hurting himself …

    3. Hi Chris, if you read this: The name is Giger, H.R. Giger to be exact. Or if you know him better, you can call him “Rudi”. 😉

    4. Geiger ? It’s Giger not Geiger. Shame on the artist who can’t even get his name right.

      • It’s not Chris who misspelled Giger, it’s the guy who did the article. Unless they did the entire interview via live chat, which I doubt.

    5. Yup, gimmicky Irvine design. Only they can turn the lord of terror into a cheesy comicbook alien/zerg.  🙄
      ( lame WoW hunter shoulders included)

      • Um… how are the first 2 versions of Diablo not cheesy or comic book-ish? “Not even death can save you from me!” That line exemplifies a comic book villain…

    6. I think the final Designs for each are fantastic and they fit with the lore…Like…ok SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!

      We all know Leah is the new Diablo. And so diablo being feminine is a perfect fit now. People need to stop complaining…Diablo has resembled his Host body in every game…THe first game his host body was a young kid Sooo He just got Really tail..very human like..In diablo 2 His host form was a Burly warrior Who had fought in Hell itself and Killed countless demons. I am guessing that he was brutal and almost beast-like  at times. So His form in diablo 2 is More animal. A Think tail with spikes all over it that im sure he could have used as a weapon like a sword. He was hunched a bit and embodied a killing machine. So if Leah does turn out to be the new Diablo then this new form is a perfect fit. Its feminine yet Very very creepy and just…embodies Hate.

        • Leah is the daughter of the Dark Wanderer and has a corrupted version of her textures in the game files. It seems pretty obvious…

          • Unfortunately, it does seem very obvious. And if it really is the case, than not only have they butchered Diablo’s look beyond recognition with a silly frail body with four arms, shouldermouths and a Zerg head, they also made HIM a girl, aswell as spoiled the ending by making it blatantly obvious with their moronic retcons.

            They have taken Diablo so far from his “true” appearance, it’s not funny.
            As quoted by Mephisto in Diablo 2: “Now my young brother, the time has come to assume your true form! Arise Diablo, Lord of Terror!”. Note the words: “brother” and “true form”.
            They retcon’ing this and now claiming he doesn’t have a specific gender and we haven’t seen his true form is bullshit and bad storytelling. Condor/Blizzard North/Runic Games would not have done it this way and I’m still very upset they aren’t doing the game. The Company Logo does not a good game make, the actual people who created it in the first place however…

            But hey, Blizzard Irvine are doing very similar crappy storytelling in WoW (and to some extent Warcraft 3) aswell as Starcraft 2, so it’s hardly a surprise, just really sad.

            Yea, so this became a bit of a rant, sorry about that.. I’m just passionate about this.. 🙂

    7. Once again, I like the one with the wings and the one with grey skin to the left of the one with wings the best… All the others are meh…

    8. 64b Diablo is the best. Most scary.

      and 64/64a reminds  me most of the old original Diablo. 

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