Since the Blizzard CMs have turned the 3-day Memorial Day Weekend into a 4-day holiday there’s zip new in Blue threads to comment on today. So let’s flash back to last week when some fan made THE GREATEST SUGGESTION EVER.

    There should be a conduit anniversary buff. Where they spawn 100% more
    Grimiku: Personally, I like the sound of that suggestion, and this makes me think it might be a good time to have a discussion about special event buffs. I’m curious about what kind of buffs do you all want? That’s kind of a broad question, though, and it might be a good idea to narrow it down a little bit.

    What kind of buff interests you the most, and why? Special Event buffs that:

  • Increase your damage
  • Award Bonus xp
  • Award bonus loot
  • Increase rare spawns (like Conduit Pylons, or Treasure Goblins)
  • C-C-Clang!


    To repeat the usual joke, how about a buff where when you get a DiabloWikiConduit Pylon, the entire rest of that level in the Rift doesn’t instantly empty to .005% monster density?

    More srsly though… if you were going to design your own Diablo 3 community buff, what would be really cool? Don’t limit yourself to just “double rift keys” or some bleh like that. What would be awesome and unique and different, but within reason. No, you can’t make every Elite turn into a Goblin when it dies… or can you?

    Related thought experiment… when there’s a short term community buff would you like things to be doubled, or DOUBLED? I mean, would you like X to occur twice as often, or when X occurs, it occurs twice? Do you want to encounter Treasure Goblins more often, or would you like the same rate as now, but all that you find are grouped in pairs? Or how about a buff where instead of just finding legendaries more often, every time a legendary drops there’s a good chance that 2 or 3 will drop at once? I’d love the DOUBLED, personally. Imagine that *CLANGCLANGCLANG* and the double or triple gold beams? Moment of excite indeed.

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