Design Your Own Diablo 3 Community Buff

Design Your Own Diablo 3 Community Buff

Since the Blizzard CMs have turned the 3-day Memorial Day Weekend into a 4-day holiday there’s zip new in Blue threads to comment on today. So let’s flash back to last week when some fan made THE GREATEST SUGGESTION EVER.

There should be a conduit anniversary buff. Where they spawn 100% more
Grimiku: Personally, I like the sound of that suggestion, and this makes me think it might be a good time to have a discussion about special event buffs. I’m curious about what kind of buffs do you all want? That’s kind of a broad question, though, and it might be a good idea to narrow it down a little bit.

What kind of buff interests you the most, and why? Special Event buffs that:

  • Increase your damage
  • Award Bonus xp
  • Award bonus loot
  • Increase rare spawns (like Conduit Pylons, or Treasure Goblins)
  • C-C-Clang!
    To repeat the usual joke, how about a buff where when you get a DiabloWikiConduit Pylon, the entire rest of that level in the Rift doesn’t instantly empty to .005% monster density?

    More srsly though… if you were going to design your own Diablo 3 community buff, what would be really cool? Don’t limit yourself to just “double rift keys” or some bleh like that. What would be awesome and unique and different, but within reason. No, you can’t make every Elite turn into a Goblin when it dies… or can you?

    Related thought experiment… when there’s a short term community buff would you like things to be doubled, or DOUBLED? I mean, would you like X to occur twice as often, or when X occurs, it occurs twice? Do you want to encounter Treasure Goblins more often, or would you like the same rate as now, but all that you find are grouped in pairs? Or how about a buff where instead of just finding legendaries more often, every time a legendary drops there’s a good chance that 2 or 3 will drop at once? I’d love the DOUBLED, personally. Imagine that *CLANGCLANGCLANG* and the double or triple gold beams? Moment of excite indeed.

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    32 thoughts on “Design Your Own Diablo 3 Community Buff

    1. The only buff I want: +25% movement speed, no cap.
      Let me repeat that: NO CAP ON MOVEMENT SPEED.

    2. Don’t double the number of Conduit pylons, but if one does spawn, place a Speed pylon right next to it.

      • This happened to a group I was in last night… Conduit pylon with a speed pylon within sight. It was awesome. We all ran in different directions, blowing everything up- except the guy that ran in an a reflect elite… He blew up. LOL

        • Fun way to just clear a rift, but useless whilst item hunting as items don’t drop 4 u if u r 2 far.

          • Aren’t legendary drops world drops? So u don’t need to be nearby to have one drop for you.

    3. Or they should have buffs along the lines of “set pants weekends” or “leg shoulders weekend” where you have a 5 time bigger chance for those to drop.

      • You can NEVER have enough blackthorn’s pants and those shoulders that make your gear indestructible. Never.

      • I like that one. It could be a cyclic buff like in some MMO’s – “every first Friday of the month is a legendary and set braces day” for example (and different days for different slots obviously, or a specific class themed weekend when a legendaries and sets geared for that class would get a drop buff.

    4. I’ve got 5 ideas for a weekend-long buff:

      1) Shrines last for 1 hour, and always spawn a champion pack when you hit them (if you have Nemesis Bracers on it spawns 2 packs). Also, Pylons can appear in place of any regular shrine, and their buff lasts for 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

      2) Every area in the game spawns with at least 1 treasure goblin in it. Every rift spawns with at least 1 treasure goblin pack.

      3) Double the bonuses for each difficulty level (e.g. Master goes from 100% extra gold/XP to 200%, T6 goes from like 1600% to 3200%, with a 180% bonus legendary drop chance instead of the usual 90% bonus).

      4) Blood shard drops are doubled. Regular enemies have a decent chance of dropping blood shards (probably only 1, doubled to 2, since any more would be too much).

      5) Legendary crafting and enchanting doesn’t require Forgotten Souls. Each crafted legendary rolls with one random stat at the maximum roll. Each enchantment roll only gives max rolled stats. Take note that for legendary crafting, although you wouldn’t need Forgotten Souls you would still need the correct legendary crafting material.

      The five ideas I gave each cater to a specific theme, and should be overpowered in long term, but fine (and crazy fun) in the short term, much like doubling legendary drop chances is. The first one lets everyone play with the legacy Shrine of Worship effect; the second one is goblins galore; the third one rewards players who can play at higher difficulty levels; the fourth one makes Kadala a gold mine; and the fifth one helps you craft and enchant good items.

    5. Rainbow week. Each day there is an element where all damage from that element on any character will deal double damage. Day 1 – Fire, Day 2 – Cold, etc…

      This would be a massive farming boost and would get people to try different builds that they otherwise wouldnt have dabbled in. Maybe even resulting in finding a playstyle you like more than whatever you have been using!

      Also, with so many people trying vastly different builds in a short amount of time there would be a lot of great data on which elements are underpowered and which skills could use tweaks.

    6. Puzzle Legacy buff – Bringing back the old Puzzle Ring idea, a buff for a whole week where theres a small chance to spawn a Treasure Goblin when attacking.

      You Raise Me Up buff – Not wearing shoulder armor (just for a weekend) allows you to bring a follower along during multiplayer.

      Tyrael’s Angelic Presence buff – For one week, there’s a very small chance on hit to spawn the memory of the archangel-form of Tyrael who travels with you while having the Conduit Pylon power (but it would be white/yellow-y, obviously). Only one Tyrael can spawn at a time per game.

      Just for kicks… A Link to the Past buff – When at full health, chance on attack to launch a Mystical Power Sword (haha) forward in a straight line for 300% weapon damage, exploding on impact for 200% additional weapon damage.

      We Are One buff – All players in a rift have their weapon damage added together, averaged, and multiplied by 1.35.

      Avenger buff – Anytime another player dies, all other players within 100 yards gain 3000 armor, 300 resistances, 10% increased movement speed, 100% weapon damage, they increase in size, and they’re attacks scream with anger.

    7. • Give a second random shrine effect for every shrine.
      • Make the Rift-Only Legendary bonus apply outside of rifts as well.
      • Defeating an act boss will increase all the difficulty bonuses to the next level (T1 gets T2 bonuses, etc.) for that game only, stacking up to 3? times.
      • All vendor prices are reduced (50% ?) including Crafting, Enchanting, & Gem upgrades.
      • Have a bounty available at each waypoint, & Tyrael gives a cache after completing any 5 throughout the game.
      • Have 2 Rift Guardians spawn at the same time (or possibly a second one for clearing the last level).

    8. Shrine of wonders buff. Mysterious shrines appear that do strange things like:
      Cause all party members to spawn a maximus demon that lasts for duration of shrine.
      Spawn 6 Mega – turrets that fire CA around shrine.
      Spawn 20 Treasure goblins and watch party chase frantically.
      Give party a mysterious aura that they have to figure out what it is, could be a main stat buff, or resource or CD buff et cetera.

      Anyway you get the point. Mysterious shrine with random effects. Would be fun.

    9. How about a buff that makes all characters walk through walls and enemies unhindered?

    10. 1) All elites have a chance to drop legendary crafting materials equivalent to purples that would drop that material.

      2) Rares obtained during the event have a 5% chance to be salvaged into Forgotten Souls.

    11. Bounty Hunter buff – All bounty only items can now drop in nephalem rifts for 24 hrs.

    12. great, just wrote a million words quoting above etc, wasn’t logged in …
      i second and third many of the above plus:

      shrine that doubles weapon damage

      kill MS <3

    13. For us poor folk out there, I’d love a cheap crafting week. Half off gem crats plz!

    14. My community buff: Two heads are better than one!

      You are granted an additional helm armor slot to equip.

    15. For every leg or set item that drops, the stats are doubled, all stats. Twice the dps on a weapon (1H or 2H), number of sockets, etc. All stats would be permanent after the buff was over. But all items would have to be dropped and identified during the buff.

    16. Just because I’m a masochist, I’ve always wanted Blizz to roll the game back to the original 1.0, with Inferno monsters scaled to our Lvl 70 chars.
      Immune minions, bosses that heal fully if you kite away, all the good old stuff, just to remind us how much better things are now.

    17. Increased Treasure Goblin spawns coupled with a buff that increases your chance to find legendaries by x% for 1h stackable to Y

    18. For 1 week, buy for 100 shards a buff at your choice. You can only chose one and it will last for an hour. For example:
      2x xp
      2x moar legendarie
      2x movementspeed
      2x mainstat
      2x goldfind


    19. • Whenever you have two pieces of a Set equipped, you gain the full Set bonus
      • A LOT of gold rains from the sky whenever you kill a Treasure Goblin, Elite or boss
      • Followers can equip helms, chest, boots, etc.

    20. Why not just let us decide for ourself how to define our own buffs for specific “personal” goals. By using the existing crafting materials ingame already , by combining gems in different colors for various effects. Have a “starter pack” of possible buffs to create – and then the possible to find more patterns/books for even more types of buffs. Legendary buffs – group buffs – class buffs ect. ect. Just thinking out loud , im no expert in the details 🙂

    21. A conduit that increases the Paragon points you have assigned by 25% or even 50% for 30 seconds.

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