Diablo 3 Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger discuses Greyhollow Island

Diablo 3 Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger has revisited his Greyhollow Island “Lightning Talk” which he did at BlizzCon this year. In the video Matthew talks about the new zone and how it evolved into what you see today on the 2.4.0 PTR.

If you didn’t attend BlizzCon then this is worth a watch because the video shows early iterations of the zone design. He also discusses events that didn’t make the final version and the Ancient City which was completed and then removed.

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  1. This was really interesting to watch. I wonder if that 3rd zone will see the light of day down the line &/or some of the cut events. Shame to put all that work in for it otherwise (even though Blizzard are well known for developing lots of things that then get shelved.)

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  3. Great talk, lots of new insights.

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