“Design a Legendary” Theme Selected

Blizzard has revealed the winning theme in their fan voting for the ongoing “Design a Legendary” contest. We’ll be seeing a Mephisto-themed one-handed sword, heading into phase three where a Blizzard artist will design the item, presumably leading to the next vote where fans can pick their favorite look?

Here’s the blue post:

Last week, over 20,000 Diablo III players world-wide participated in our “Choose Your Theme” poll. This was the second poll we held for the “Design a Legendary” project, and it was one that would ultimately determine the visual look and theme of the Legendary one-handed sword we’re designing.

Here are the results:

  • Mephisto: 32.5%
  • Diablo: 24.9%
  • Ancient Culture: 21.3%
  • Westmarch: 9.2%
  • Duriel: 7.6%
  • Serpent: 2.8%
  • Caldeum: 1.7%
  • As you can see, taking nearly 33% of the global vote, our winning theme is: Mephisto!


    “This blade would be styled to connect thematically to the wispy, skeletal Lord of Hatred. In addition to being a favorite character of the art team, Mephisto has a unique appearance among the Great Evils, and a blade associated with him would need to find a way to echo his character.”

    Now that we’ve locked down the two critical components of this particular Legendary item’s visual design (type and theme), we can start bringing it to life. Our next step is to have 3D character artist, Aaron Gaines, begin concepting, modeling, and implementing our one-handed sword into the game. Stay tuned to diablo3.com for in-progress shots as well as a quick Q&A with the artist himself!

    Also, as with our last vote, thanks to each and every nephalem who’ve participated in some shape, way, or form in this project so far. We hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are. <3 [source]http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/11649792/design-a-legendary-part-2-choose-your-theme-results-11-15-2013[/source][/blue]No ETA on the next step, but as this project is meant to cover some months, and this phase will take actual work by a dev instead of just a website vote, I doubt we'll see it next week.

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    1. I love how involved this design a legendary process is. Very creative the way they have this set up. Reminds me of D3.

    2. As later stated by lylirra

      @Monstrous: For this initial pilot project, we’re just going to let Aaron work his magic. If we do this again, though, we’d love see how we can get the community more involved in this step of the design process.

      As for your questions about “How many artists?” and “Who gets to decide what?” I’ll make sure that gets included in the Q&A. Rather than tucking the answer away here in these comments (which I don’t know off-hand), I think the information would be awesome to publish alongside the rest of the details Aaron shares. 🙂

      Also, this certainly wasn’t the last vote we’ll be having. There’s still the Legendary power that needs to be designed, and we definitely want players to be involved in that decision! “

    3. Mephisto+sword. Hmmm… Why don’t we just rip out his spine and use that as the look. He’s already like 90% spine. Should be easy.

    4. I thought we could at least send in concept drawings or even 3D models and vote on them….

    5. Looking forward to seeing what a Mephisto weapon looks like.

    6. Damn. Only 20k votes.

      Bold of them to share that tid-bit of info.

    7. His spine ?!?
      So it will be a 1handed boneblade?

      Why not name it Mephistoned© already?

    8. Indicative that the community voted a character only seen in Diablo 2 so far and noone from Diablo 3.
      I’m actually surprised the designers allowed someone from Diablo 2 to be considered for this ting, as Diablo 2 is obviously the archenemy for the D3 development team.

    9. I voted for this one 🙂 Or not (probably didn’t had authenticator at the moment), but that was my pick 🙂

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