Voting for the fourth phase of the community Design a Legendary has been completed and the fifth and final phase of fan participation is now open: vote for the name! There are five player-submitted names to choose from, and I’m sure you’re as disappointed as me that “Flux’s Fury” is not one of them. There are five lesser choices, at least.

    When we originally started the Design a Legendary project, our goal was to host an official naming contest near the end of the design process. We even had super fancy legal Terms of Use all drawn up and ready for digital print.

    Unfortunately, even the best laid plans of mice and CMs can go awry and, due to development deadlines, a full contest isn’t in the cards at this point — especially since we want to make sure that this Legendary is available with the release of Reaper of Souls (rather than needing to be patched in later). But have no fear! It’s still very important to us that the name of this Mephisto-themed, one-handed sword to be chosen by you, our players, so we’ve come up with *cue trumpet flare* other plans.

    Over the past week, we’ve scoured forum posts, blog comments, tweets, and more wherein players have suggested some amazing names for this particular Legendary. Of those names, our designers have chosen five which fit the tone and theme of the weapon. Those five player-submitted names are:

  • Spine of the Father
  • Rancor
  • Shard of Hate
  • Malevolence
  • Sankekur’s Sorrow
  • Visit the Blizzard blog to place your vote. Also, fan voting for the special legendary power of the one-handed, Mephisto-styled sword has concluded. Here’s what a plurality (29%) of fans voted for:

    Legendary Power #4:

    Elemental attacks have a chance to trigger one of powerful abilities inspired by the Lord of Hatred himself: Charged Bolt, Poison Nova, and Freezing Skull. Lightning damage has a chance to trigger a Charged Bolt. Poison damage has a chance to trigger Poison Nova. Cold damage has a chance to trigger Freezing Skull.

    Other options got 22% and 23% of the vote so it wasn’t exactly a run away winner, but obviously enough players liked the idea of the cool visuals and variety. Better yet, with the increased legendary drop rates, there’s now a chance that some of us might actually find this item, at some point.

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