Design a Legendary: Part 5: Choose Your Name Results

Well after a week of voting on the name from the design a legendary, was been decided. There were very good choices though people were fixated on three in particular; Shard of Hate, Sankekur’s Sorrow, and Malevolence. While personally as a lore dude I was hoping for one name to win, sadly it did not. What won is below.

Over 20,000 players participated in last week’s Choose Your Name vote. And although there were many who championed “Spine of the Father, “Rancor, “Malevolence,” and “Sankekur’s Sorrow” admirably as the rightful moniker for our Mephisto-themed sword, their rallies were not enough to sway the majority and unseat the early frontrunner of this particular poll.

Our Legendary has at last been christened. Taking an overwhemling 36% of the global vote, meet Shard of Hate.

And, with that, our final community vote has concluded! As always, thank you to everyone who voted, posted, commented, shared, and tweeted. <3

– – – – –

While the voting aspect of the Design a Legendary project has ended, we’ll still be sharing updates on the item’s progress as well as showcasing some behind-the-scenes shots of the item’s visual design process over the next few weeks. Stay tuned to for those insights, and definitely keep an eye out for this special Legendary hitting test servers soon™!

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    11 thoughts on “Design a Legendary: Part 5: Choose Your Name Results

    1. Please show it wielded without the shoulder pads.
      Please show everything without the shoulder pads.

    2. sorry, what is the purpose of “Design a Legendary project” ?
      a special Legendary ? what about DH ? more project ?

      • The community was called to create a legendary by choosing weapon type, theme, power and name. A mephisto-themed sword has been chosen long ago, so no DH.

        • Demon Hunter can use swords (1H weps in overall). It limits skill choice, and takes back some DH affixes (I don’t know if they can roll on 1H weps). You’re probably gonna loose some damage output but sword and shield in HC? Swords have nice AS, so as a wep it’s probably best choice to make leg for all classes.

          • It always pissed me off that they handcuffed the Hunter so badly. She looks like a freaking ninja, she has smoke bombs, she flips out, she throws giant shruikens, and yet she can’t hold a katana, or dual wield daggers. And if she does rock a short sword, all she can do is carry a clunky, non-stealthy shield. And then most of her skills will simply not work at all. Just such a missed opportunity.

            • I never looked at it that way, but you’re right. I’m currently using Bolas and Chakram with poison damage.

      • The problem with things that are chosen by plurality rather than majority is that there are always more people that voted against it, rather than for it.

        They should’ve done some sort of run-off voting where after the first round, only the top 3 were available, then after that, only the top 2.

    3. It could be called “Faggot’s Prostate-pleaser”
      It could look like a q-tip.

      If it was powerful, we’d still use it.

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