Design a Legendary Item – Item Type Selected

A Legendary One-handed Sword is to be designed Last week Blizzard asked the community to select which weapon type we would like to create a legendary item out of. A poll was established and 30,000 of us made our choice. The results are now in and when the poll closed there was one weapon type way out in the lead:

  1. One-Handed Sword = 31%
  2. Two-Handed Sword = 14%
  3. Dagger = 11%
  4. One-Handed Axe = 10%
  5. Staff = 8%
  6. Two-Handed Axe = 6%
  7. One-Handed Mace = 5%
  8. Polearm = 5%
  9. Spear = 5%
  10. Two-Handed Mace = 4%

That’s just the first stage. Stage 2 will be next week where you’ll have another decision to make so keep your eye on the news if you want to have input.

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    18 thoughts on “Design a Legendary Item – Item Type Selected

    1. No matter what gets picked, Wizards and Doctors need more skills that use the weapons in the casting animations. There’s Magic Missile, and that’s about it.

    2. I think this whole “Design a Legendary” concept is great, but I fear we will end up with a pretty generic item if they continue with polls as the sole deciding factor.

      Hopefully some of the other choices rely on discussion in forums where people can actually share their ideas.

      • I think it’s pretty likely that they’ll use only polls. I play Magic: the Gathering too, and Wizards sometimes does a ‘You Make the Card,’ which is basically the same thing as this ‘You Make the Legendary.’ As far as I know, Wizards gives a whole lot of options, and then people vote in the polls. It isn’t precisely the same, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was done the same way.

        In terms of the end result (i.e. how good the result is), that’s fairly speculative, and depends on your point of view. So far, of the YMTCs that Wizards has done, we have 4 outcomes that I can think of offhand. One is universally loved, 1 is seen as alright, 1 is basically seen as weak and useless, and the last seems like it has a lot of potential, but is extremely narrow.

        Putting this into perspective for designing legendaries, I’d say that there’s a decent chance of getting a good item, and also a decent chance of getting an OK/bad item. That said, if Blizzard is doing their job with the polls, it shouldn’t turn out to be generic. The MTG version always has polls for what kind of strategy the card is supposed to fit into, and what kind of mechanics the card uses. Whether or not you get the one you want is obviously not guaranteed; a lot of people on my MTG forum are disappointed with the latest YMTC, since they hate the design. However, in terms of whether it is generic or not, none of the Magic cards so far have been generic. Cards and legendaries are not really the same, but I feel that the design process is similar enough that it should be impossible to get a really generic item unless it is generic in an ‘uninteresting but over-powered’ way; as a result, I would guess that we likely won’t get a generic legendary unless people on the Blizzard forums mainly vote for power over substance.

        I think, however, that it is more likely that we will get a unique, interesting legendary from this than a generic one. With MTG cards, the game has gone on very profitably for 20 years, and the general strategies are well-set in their ways, as are the kind of cards that each strategy wants. However, in Diablo III the abilities on legendaries are not set in their ways, and one of the main complaints is that the itemization is trash because the only stat that matters is DPS. As a result, I think it is much more likely that people will choose interesting, build-creating concepts for the chosen legendary, rather than choosing simply another powerful-but-mundane ability for an already well-maintained strategy, as in MTG.

    3. *sighs* Why is it always swords? Main character in Most RPG’s use a sword of some type and it drives me nuts.

    4. Another sword. Only the most common weapon in the game already. Shows how much creativity there is in the community.

      • Yeah, that was my reaction. I wanted a polearm, or at least some 2H weapon for this, to see if the devs had learned anything since D3V. We already know how to design a 1H weapon; there are numerous viable ones in the game now.

      • Errr…

        the complaint is and always has been about Blizzard’s descent from art to pure commerce, by no longer doing what is right for the game but only what has the biggest intersection with as many solvent markets as possible.

        It’s not about thinking out of the box for once, it’s about compliantly manouvering even further into the box at full throttle.

    5. Kind of the same thing I guess. Diablo 3 is still art in my book. It’s just that there are some Picasso bits in a Rembrandt piece.

      But my point wasn’t about Blizzard anyway. I just think it’s sad that even with all the complaining going on at the official forums about them being sell-outs and D3 not being a true Diablo game, the most generic rpg weapontype wins by such a large margin in a poll like this.

      Here’s to hoping they will also create the legendary which got the least votes and call it the poo-stick or something. 🙂

    6. you can argue that its most generic rpg weapon (side note: no d3 char starts with sword as a primary weapon) but its also the most popular weapon in humans history, one could say – as opposed to other weapons – that it is even a part of humans culture and heritage and the shear amount of uses and designs of that weapon makes it far from being considered generic/plebish weapon
      brutes rather fought with axes/maces and daggers – weapons requiring less finesse and minimal training as opposed to the swords

      id personally vote for 2-handed sword as game just lacks good one at the moment – with addition of crusader they couldve designed something based on teutonic/hungarian 2handers with simple, yet magnificent, look (or just remake grandfather lal)

      • They need to completely overhaul their 2-hand/1-hand system. Again. In yet another game. Maybe Blizzard (and to be fair, other game companies) need to get rid of the dual-wield/two hand split altogether? Just give a single weapon slot, and then have dual-wield, sword-board, and two-handed weapons as single items. Besides, one axe and one spear look ridiculous.

    7. We had one chance to make 2handers viable, fun and exciting (possibly with crusarer in mind) but community chose another one handed sword ;/

      Could make 2hander with affix like \weights nothing\ which allows you to equip 2x 2handers

    8. Item type means nothing when it only affects the holstered animation and speed. I think this design is going to yield a boring lrgendary. It is a direct result of the foundation blocks in d3.

      What if different weapon types had these innate features:
      Faster projectile speed
      Increase skill radius by 20%
      More damage to demons
      More damage vs undead
      Open wounds
      Melee skill range increase (ie spears from d2)

      These inherent attributes would make different weapons more interesting.

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