Design a Diablo 3 T-Shirt Contest

Blizzard is affiliating with Design By Humans to run a Diablo 3 t-shirt design contest with some nice prizes.

Your challenge: Harness the arcane power of your creative skills to design a T-shirt using elements from Diablo III. Whether you choose to illustrate members of the Angiris Council, the Lords of Hell, Demon Hunters, Wizards, Barbarians, Witch Doctors, Monks, or roaming horde of Zombie Bears, your ultimate goal is to create a dynamic design that’s sure to impress. Your entries will have a chance to be seen not only by the teams at both Blizzard and Design By Humans, but also by passionate Diablo players from around the globe.

1st Place:

  • $3,500 Cash + Framed Diablo III Artwork autographed by artists Bernie Kang and Glenn Rane + All 5 Grand Prize Winners Collection Tee Set
  • 2nd Place

  • $3,000 Cash + A set of Diablo III Peripherals. (Headset, Mouse and Mousepad) + All 5 Grand Prize Winners Collection Tee Set
  • 3rd Place

  • $2,500 Cash + Diablo III Wardrobe (5 t-shirts, 2 hoodies, Hat) + All 5 Grand Prize Winners Collection Tee Set
  • 4th Place

  • $2,000 Cash + Exclusive BlizzCon 2011 Diablo Poker Set- signed by the artist on the development team + All 5 Grand Prize Winners Collection Tee Set
  • 5th Place

  • $1,500 Cash + One more Blizzard Prize + All 5 Grand Prize Winners Collection Tee Set
    6th through 20th Place
  • Opportunity to sell artwork to Design By Humans

    See the full contest page for rules and design tools. I tried to make one but couldn’t get it to worki; even after I dug out my Facebook info to log in and accessed the build a Diablo 3 t-shirt contest page I couldn’t submit any images; every pic I selected from my computer was ruled invalid and I was ordered to check the design template, which told me nothing. It seemed like there was supposed to be some selection of allowed Diablo images, but if so I didn’t see them.

    Technical difficulties aside, the whole concept is pretty clever. They run this promotion, get a ton of traffic, get some t-shirt designs they can sell for a profit, and crowd source their design for a fraction of what it would cost to pay actual professional graphic designers. Everyone wins! Possibly even you.

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    5 thoughts on “Design a Diablo 3 T-Shirt Contest

    1. dang i want that poker set, i guess i better come up with something that’s good, but not too good

    2. cool contest. Though it would make more sense to do something like this after the expansion is announced, maybe we’ll get it at gamescom and there will be some decent hype and interest in this game.

    3. with Mephisto and Baal as 2 of the choices, I guess that means we’ll be seeing them in the expansion.

    4. What about a “Design a Diablo 3” contest? I’m 100% sure the community could come up with a game thousand times better than what Blizzard delivered if they were given the appropriate tools.

    5. off topic: It’s been a while. You guys should have a post about the new trademark blizzard registered today. “The Dark Below”. It could be for wow expansion but also ….it could be the expansion name being revealed this gamecom?

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