Design a Diablo 3 Legendary Item at Blizzcon 2014

Blizzard previously hinted at some sort of community legendary item input at Blizzcon, and now with the show less than two weeks away, they’ve posted official details.

Design a Diablo 3 Legendary Item at Blizzcon 2014:

Introducing the BlizzCon Legendary Workshop

Legendary Item Workshop Blizzcon 2014Have you ever wondered how Legendary powers are designed in Diablo III? Or dreamed of collaborating with our developers to create your own? Then our BlizzCon Legendary Workshop may be just the adventure for you.
What’s The Legendary Workshop?

During the “Evolving Reaper of Souls” panel at BlizzCon this year, developers Josh Mosqueira, Kevin Martens, and Travis Day will be analyzing how the team’s loot design philosophies have changed over time and sharing a sneak peak of some upcoming items in development.

In addition to this retrospective, we will also be hosting a Legendary Workshop on the side. As part of this activity, we will be inviting a few lucky BlizzCon attendees to join developers Julian Love, John Yang, and Roger Hughston on stage to design a brand new Legendary power. Together, they will review ideas submitted in advance by you, our community, as well brainstorm new ideas on the spot!

Sounds Cool! How Can I Participate?

Submitting an idea for the Legendary Workshop is easy! Here’s how the process will work:

  • We’ll begin accepting submissions on Friday, November 7 at 7:00 a.m. PST (10:00 a.m. EST).
  • At that time, you can submit your idea one of three ways:
    • On the official Diablo III forums, in our dedicated thread.
    • On Twitter, using the #LegendaryWorkshop hashtag.
    • At the Community Corner, located between Halls B and C of the Anaheim Convention Center.
  • You will have until Saturday, November 8 at 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST) to submit your ideas.

Ideas submitted before or after the provided times, or using a method not described above, will not be considered.

Where Do I Sign Up for the On-Stage Workshop?

Blizzcon 2014 floor mapIf you’re interested in being an on-stage participant and are attending BlizzCon 2014, please visit the Community Corner (higlighted below) for more information. Participants will be selected at the event via random drawing.

It’s time to show the whole world what you’re capable of creating, nephalem! Get your creative juices fired up, start drafting those ideas, and get ready to share your ideas starting November 7. BlizzCon will be here before you know it!

It sounds like a chronologically-condensed version of the community Design a Legendary event that they ran pre-RoS back in January-February of this year. As that event resulted in one of the best legendary items in the game, the Shard of Hate, precedent has been set!

If you’ve got a winning idea for what this legendary should have in it, hit us up in comments. Diablo.IncGamers will be represented at Blizzcon this year by Nerdwords and me, and while we’ve got a lot of activities planned, one of us could probably swing by the community corner, where we could spend a few minutes punching Tyvalir or Grimiku (but not Lylirra or Nevalistis, because girls) until they agree to include your suggestion.

Incidentally, check out that Blizzcon map. If anyone (such as the most recent podcat guests) was still clinging to hope that Diablo 3 was going to see an expansion announcement at the show this year, wipe away that dream. There’s no way the D3 play demo area would be that much smaller than the Heartstone and Starcraft II play areas if D3Y was going to be revealed. (And you can probably take the the large size of that SC2 demo area as confirmation of what most of us have been expecting, that we’ll see the next Starcraft 2 expansion announced at this year’s Blizzcon.)


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  1. "Resulted in one of the best legendary items in the game…"

    For a short time, before it was nerfed into utter uselessness because apparently being kind of good on Torment 3 was considered overkill for something only 2.5 times more common than the "Might see someone in guild find three times a year and it probably won't be you." tier of items that is Wand of Woh, Rimeheart, etc.

    • For an utter useless weapon quite a few HC Monks use it with lightning builds (at the moment one even in the EU top 10), together with Odyn Son. I don't know about SC or other classes, but the Shard of Hate is very very far from being a useless weapon, even past T6.

  2. No playable demo doesn't preclude them from making an announcement. I still contend it's a very small chance, but that evidence is not nearly enough to sweep aside any possibility of expansion talk.

  3. Given the RoS demo area at Blizzcon was reportedly dead last year, I'm not sure the demo area size is an important indicator. (I know RoS had already been announced prior to that point, but it's not like the game was already in beta or anything.)

  4. SOH is fine, but there isn't enough damage output from it on a lightning monk. Then again that is part of the class/skills problem more than weapon issue. Plus the BoT gem not working right on the proc hurts it substantially. One other note about SoH- it cannot really replace a WD weapon, and lightning builds for Wizards are not really good in general. So it's use has become extremely limited.

    I would love to see them take recommendations for more than just a weapon. Perhaps an amazing ring to compete with SoJ/Unity/RoRG?

  5. Let’s see some class specific stuff, in case someone at the con reads this, some ideas:

    Barbs – an item that mitigates 30-50% damage from elites. Something to make spenders worth while again (HotA now causes an earthquake).
    DH – make spike traps viable again, maybe a strange 1H/2H or shield that buffs the hell out of traps

  6. *I* want, and have always wanted, a legendary weapon that changes fire damage skills into cold damage skills- maybe with a slight damage nerf to said skills (to prevent OPing Firebird set), or -even easier- with the ability as one of the four primary stats (maybe instead of Int/Dex/Str)…

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