Why Are Depth Diggers Dead for Witch Doctors and Wizards

Why Are Depth Diggers Dead for Witch Doctors and Wizards

The version of Patch 2.1 on the PTR now has a big buff to the legendary pants Depth Diggers. The patch notes from June 26th described it thusly:

DiabloWikiDepth Diggers

  • Legendary Power added
    • All resource generators deal 80-100% more damage

All was joyous for two weeks, until the last patch notes on July 11th employed takesies-backsies.

DiabloWikiDepth Diggers

  • The damage bonus provided by this item’s Legendary Power no longer includes Witch Doctor and Wizard Signature Spells
  • Naturally fans wanted to know Why Are Depth Diggers Dead for Witch Doctors and Wizards?

    The damage bonus provided by this item’s Legendary Power no longer includes Witch Doctor and Wizard Signature Spells…

    To the dev team, simple question, WHY???

    Blizz, One of the few item changes the players are excited about is the Depth Diggers’ new power… Are you keep on nerfing what is fun?
    Grimiku: The philosophy behind the decision to prevent the bonus damage given by Depth Diggers from working with Witch Doctor and Wizard Signature spells was two-fold.

  • First, Signature skills are not the same as resource generators, and typically have higher damage. Even with Prodigy and APOC, it doesn’t change the fact that, at their core, Signature skills do not generate resource. At present, Depth Diggers are only intended to benefit/boost resource generators, which does restrict their value to Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, and Monk skills.
  • Second and more importantly, we don’t want to create an environment where Wizards and Witch Doctors are driven to only cast Signature skills because of a single item. Wizards and Witch Doctors also happen to already have items that make some of their Signature skills incredibly powerful (DiabloWikiMirrorball and Rhen’ho Flayer, for example), and there’s a risk that with Depth Diggers this could funnel gameplay into something that’s very one-dimensional. Ideally, we want your skill usage to be thoughtful and engaging, at least more so than just holding down left-click until an Elite pack or Rift Guardian dies.
  • That said, we are more than happy to hear your feedback about the changes we’re making, and we encourage you to continue to do so. If you feel that Depth Diggers should benefit Signature skills, be sure to let us know how and why (these are two very important pieces of information).

    Thanks to those of you who’ve posted thus far!

    The Blue’s points are valid, but that doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. Yes, across the board the resource generators are weaker than the Wiz and WD’s signature skils, but there are legendary items that make various resource generators much more powerful… though probably not to the extent of Mirrorball or Rhen’ho Flayer. But Depth Diggers granting that bonus to Wiz and WD would potentially open up some new builds, or at least new emphasis to builds with various currently underpowered/underused skills turning into much more viable options.

    It might be more fair to create specific exceptions that would be OP, such as Depth Diggers and Mirrorball not working on the same character, but that would seem pretty cheesy and overly-specific? What do you guys think?

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    10 thoughts on “Why Are Depth Diggers Dead for Witch Doctors and Wizards

    1. The fact that Signature skills on both Wizard and the WD are not resource generators, and thus shouldn't apply the Depth Digger buff, I thought would've been obvious to all.

    2. Originally the tooltip mentionned signature spells, but there is a legendary that triples Magic Missiles damage, and one that doubles Plague of Toads damage. They realized if Magic Missiles do 6 times the damage and Toads 4 times, 9 and 6 with the 50% gem, everything would break.

      They should have at least one legendary per skill, otherwise skill balance and diversity is out of whack.

    3. I am glad Myken Ball of Hate is flying under the radar currently, because it is actually quite OP on lightning build with chain lightning and elite efficiency.

    4. Another poorly designed, overpowered item that aims to increase build viability by sacrificing gear variety. I guess Blizzard didn't learn enough from Mask of Jeram and other BiS items that give the player no reason to ever equip anything else – unless they, too, are equally overpowered, of course.

      If Blizzard reduced the generator damage to something like 40-50% damage and then added a slight boost to base generator damage across the board, things would've been a bit less extreme. For now, though, it seems that the "skill X is kinda bad until you get overpowered item Y" trend will continue.

    5. If they don't want people holding down one button a long time until something dies stop giving everything eleventy billion HP. Because as long as everything does have that much HP the only correct way of playing is via infinite spam. Doesn't matter if that's by taking skills that normally suck on purpose and mega buffing them until they become awesome, infinite channeling, or the classic afk method where you let your minions do the grind for you.

    6. This. The big problem with the higher difficulty level now is that it takes forever to kill anything.

      I wish the higher difficulty level relied more on CAREFULLY increased monster damage and less upon endless pools of monster health.

    7. With RoS, I was hoping the devs would introduce more monster abilities as difficulty increased. Debuffs, curses, different power attacks etc are vastly more interesting ways of making enemies more challenging than just bumping up their damage and health tremendeously. Sadly, we didn't get anything new there.

    8. I have to say I am on the other side here. I don't understand the desire to one or two hit everything. I feel like that reduces complexity of gameplay alot. If I have to actually react to monster abilities, that's engaging. If they don't get a chance to use abilities, everything is one dimensional. On the other hand more varying monster abilities would be a great addition as well.

      Think of mmo's, bosses take awhile and they are exciting. There is movement, varying targets, varying incoming and outgoing damage and they take time to kill.

      Mob hp and the number of buttons you press are exclusive of each other.

    9. Why the single minded focus on just boosting damage?

      I know they need to give us a way to hack through the eleventy billion HP, but there should be more choice than "fire skillz because moar damage"

    10. One does not simply react to monster abilities!

      No really, you don't. That same massive HP makes it so if you're killing things in a reasonable timeframe those things are also barely hurting you. Barring some bullshit full > dead combo that prevents you from reacting of course. Alternately, you do fight things that last a while, and they randomly OHKO you with Jailer.

      Also, you're a Demon Hunter, meaning you're a sentry build. See method 3.

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