Putting the ugliness of last week’s Real ID nightmare behind us all (hopefully) Bashiok got an early start on Monday, posting an interesting tweet via the @Diablo feed.

    Debate about demons w/ loincloths leads to debate about demon anatomy. Debate about demon anatomy leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.—Diablo

    It’s a reasonable point. After all, the purpose of a loin cloth is to conceal/cover/support/protect… the loins. And none of the demons (or Barbarians?) in the world of the Diablo games seems to have any real need of said anatomy. Or have you seen the girl versions of the demons lurking somewhere? (Cue the old, “How do Fallen breed?” queen debate.)  And no, DiabloWikiAndariel doesn’t count. Andariel never counts. Not even the kinda-hot, concept version.

    Moments later, as if to prove the loin cloth point, a fan posted a link to a nifty piece of Diablo artwork, wondering about its provenance.

    Where is this from?

    Zoom in on it. Looks reminiscent of Diablo, but different.

    Bashiok: Fan art.

    We don’t know who drew it, but we do know one two things. He’s a demon, and he/it doesn’t need a loin cloth.

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