Thanks to site readers and Cologne occupant Stefan, we’ve got pictures and a first hand report of the demonic invasion we were promised in the Rudolfplatz public square in Cologne this week.

    I was at the Hahnentor at around 17:45 local time and found some painters who had put down a pre-cut cardboard perhaps 5-7 meters long and 3-4 meters wide on which they were painting.

    The picture shows a big Diablo in the center and two demons at the bottom.

    I didn´t stay long and didn´t talk to them because I wanted to disturb them not. It might be that the final picture will have some more elements. With that size and painted on the cardboard and not on the pavement it is possible that they will hang it up somewhere in the trade fair area at the weekend.

    Also there was a camera installed in front of the painting and a fish eye lense through which you could see the painting in a different perspective. The camera was taking a shot every half minute or something. They are probably doing a compressed little “making of” of the development of the painting.

    You see a few thumbnails here; they’re clearly being done in the surreal 3D style made famous by Julian Beever, though not as masterful as his works, though. Click through to the Gamescom 2011 gallery for lots more photos from the Rudolfplatz, as well as some other shots of the Blizzard booth setup at the expo.

    Elsewhere, Softshack points us to a couple of videos of the event, with interviews of the artist (in German). One here; the other embedded below.

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