But I have a piano I'll let go cheap.

    No, but I have a piano I’ll let go cheap.

    A short hotfix today informs us that the drop rate for DiabloWikiDemonic Organs has been buffed on Torment 1 and above, up to 100% on T6. Demonic Organ Drop Rate Buffed:

    The drop rate of DiabloWikiLeoric’s Regret, DiabloWikiVial of Putridness, DiabloWikiIdol of Terror, and DiabloWikiHeart of Evil has been increased on Torment I and above, to a maximum of 100% on Torment VI (9/9)

    These organs are dropped by the Ubers as part of the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine, and you need them to create the DiabloWikiHellfire Ring and DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet. This is reminiscent of the drop odds back in DiabloWikiD3v, when each level of DiabloWikiMonster Power added 10% up to a maximum of 100% drop rate on MP10.

    Unfortunately, we don’t know the actual numbers for T1-T5, so it’s not clear just how much you gain by pushing the difficulty each notch higher. Possibly Wyatt Cheng will twitter-swoop in to add details, as he did a few days ago re: the unstated buff to legendary items dropping from Horadric Caches?

    We fired him a tweet, hoping to create just that scenario. Everyone go RT it so he’ll feel guilty. Use sarcasm if possible; Wyatt loves that.

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