Blizzard is continuing to release big bombs of Diablo III info without explanation or provocation, and after we were told a few days ago that the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills were being reworked… today brought the results. And wow, are they big.

    No more are her skills divided into DiabloWikiHatred, DiabloWikiDiscipline, and Utility (there was just one utility, making some changes fairly necessary). Now they are divided into Hatred spenders, Hatred generators, and Discipline (spenders), and the skills do what the names say — some add to the Hatred resource while some spend it, apparently somewhat like the Monk’s Spirit Generators/Spenders.

    The spenders are very expensive; Level One Impale costs 40 Hatred, while the lowest generating skills only bring in 5 or 10 Hatred. (The lowest generator is listed as Level 2, which must be wrong, or else the DH will start out with only one skill.) At that rate a DH would have to fire 4 or 6 or 8 shots of the hatred generators to use a single Hatred spender, and that seems a weird ratio, given that they’re all just arrows of one type or another.

    Note that we do not know if Hatred still regenerates quickly, or at all. Perhaps it regenerates slowly, and thus the hatred generators are just sort of supplemental? (That debate is raging in the forums.)

    Also, the required levels to start using the skills have been greatly reshuffled, with the biggest change to DiabloWikiRapid Fire. It was formerly enabled at Clvl 24, and it’s been moved all the way down to Clvl 5! This seems a direct response to the DH issue that some beta testers noted; that all the early DH skills spent Hatred, and that none of them did any AoE or multi-target damage. This turned the low level DH play into a very point and click, single-target attacker, and made her much less fun than the other four classes

    So how do these changes work? No one knows. They have not been enabled in the beta, (I checked myself 5 minutes ago) and it’s entirely possible that they will not be. That’s based on the fact that Blizzard has listed plenty of other changes and bug fixes as “known issues” that they say are fixed in the final game, but won’t be patched into the beta test client.

    I think these DH changes should be, (no matter how confident Bliz is in their Q&A) and not just because I want to play a more fun Demon Hunter now now now! After all, it seems like Beta tester feedback was a major factor in forcing this DH revision, and these are huge changes to how the character will play, so I’d think the Diablo 3 developers would want to roll them out to let the beta testers kick the tires and give them a test drive.

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