Demon Hunter Gameplay Video, Patch 13 – Runes & Strafe

I shot this video last night when the Beta came back up. It is showcasing the Demon Hunter at level 10 in patch 13, with Runed Hungering Arrow, Strafe and Rapid Fire. Strafe is pretty awesome looking, and is not too different to whirlwind, albeit ranged. Hope you enjoy! The video can be found in our newly launched Diablo TV, or below.

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    61 thoughts on “Demon Hunter Gameplay Video, Patch 13 – Runes & Strafe

          • The thing that gets me with this, is the time and effort Blizz put into explaining how difficult it was to animate every weapon for every class, and how important it was that any weapon a class can be properly animated so the game looks complete.

            For what it’s worth, I agree with them on that, and didn’t much care for the constant complaints about weapon restrictions.

            Then Blizzard go and ignore themselves when it comes to skill animations,  completely ignoring what weapons the character has equipped (and in some cases actually changing the equipped weapons). It’s especially sad when you look at, eg, the Monk autoattacks – they are really quite pretty, but you never see them. 

            • The most baffling thing is the part where the game got delayed multiple times… What are the animators doing during the delays?

    1. Since it is now un-PC to use the term “retarded”, I find myself at a loss on how to describe the strafe animation.

    2. Seriously, that is one fugly animation. Having not long started viewing D3 beta videos etc. I’m surprised at how often I’m finding myself saying that, as Blizzard’s are usually some of the best.  😐

      • I noticed that too. I think it looks cool.

        She seems like a spell caster with whirlwind now.

        that rapid fire in no way makes me think she is shooting arrows. 

    3. I don’t think Strafe looks that bad. Take your feces stained glasses off?

      Either way, Strafe is fantastic for high destruction bonuses. You stay moving, and it attacks every destructable in sight without you having to target anything.

      • It doesn’t look THAT bad (could use some improvement – maybe if Blizz hired two dozen more animations and postponed release for six months they’d have something even better, like the DH striking fashion model poses everytime she hit something, wouldn’t that be awesome?)… but it does SOUND strange, for a bow-only character in a world where firearms don’t exist to pew-pew like that

    4. This is total crap… This game looks like cartoon. This DH should have chain gun not 2 glowing like shiny [email protected]# crossbows. This poison color, explosions… where is good old DIABLO climate ! FFS Bli$$ make a good game…

    5. Actually, I agree. Blizzard and Valve, (and also Arena.Net) are some of the best animators in the AAA industry. But D3 has a lot of animation problems and quirks. I’m being neither facetious nor hyperbolic when I say that WoW and WC3 are better animated.

      (This was in reply to an earlier comment. Not that stupid comment about a chaingun or some bullshit.)

    6. I’m normally pretty easy on the game, but if you just look at the DH’s legs during the strafe, it looks a little “wrong” somehow. It’s not, like, a disaster or anything, but it’s kind of on the goofy side.

    7. I’m playing this Beta from Australia. As there are no Oceanic servers I experience alot of latency in the game. Most of the abilities or spells and the effects that go with them are delayed for a second or 2 when I cast them.

      When I use the Strafe ability, it looks like shit.

      : /  

        • Some abilities have latency, some don’t. I play from AUS with around 300ms usually. Things like Vault have a large delay, Magic Missle as well, Electrocute is fine though, as are the Monk generators. It’s all a bit odd, but I’m certain there’s some packet loss on my end as well.

    8. I prefer the Strafe animation from D2. It actually looked like someone shooting with a bow or crossbow rapidly, not like someone firing submachine guns =/

    9. I’m glad to see some blood and gore back in the game. (That bloody explosion of a rare monster at around 1:28!)

    10. Personally, I absolutely love it! The Strafeazon with piercing guided arrow on the left click was my absolute fave build (back in 1.09 and all the way afterwards), and I will no doubt be starting my first char in D3 as a DH with hungering arrow and Strafe as main attacks.
      What does bug me a bit about the animation though, is not neccessarily the funky foot movements or the lack og bow/2hx in the hands, as much as the lack of freaking arrows! that was the best part about the skill back in D2! but hey, can’t win them all! give me arrowless strafe and clawless fists of thunder any day if I can just freaking get this game already!

    11. sorry to beat a dead horse, but WHY, exactly, aren’t GUNS in the game?

      I mean LOOK at that sh*t.  Who are they kidding?

      (won’t matter because I will never play as a DH) 

      • Agreed. Perhaps they could make it so DH is the only person with the technical skill to use them… and like real guns make them slower, high dam but a chance to misfire & injure yourself (more applicable to hand cannons but whatever since we’re theorizing they could add those too)

    12. I just got 9 on my DH with two good weapons  (16 and 14 dps) and strafe does nothing. Absolutely nothing. It may look cool but it is rubbish

    13. Bowazon in 1.09 looks normal (well she often fired multi arrows but they looks decent at last… ‘acceptable fiction’). She wasn’t wear some yellow/green flash but normal Gothics bow or crossbow. Her arrows wasn’t glowing red rockets. You actually did feel it some kind normal.

      What I see on this movie is terminator/predator machine gun. Blowing, shooting like in Japanese cartoon. It’s not Naruto (I like him btw.) it’s fucking DIABLO. Don’t make it another wow likely (I did play wow and I think that graphic in this game is ok, but again will NOT work in Diablo). Graphic locations are fine but with those animations it’s looks like horror with carton characters. Blizz I know you can do better then that.

      Diablo 3 is a new game but turn on DIABLO1 and take what is good from this game plz. Copying good thing is NOT a bad idea.

      BTW DH is the worst character ever, I just don’t like/feel him. It’s probably cause of his skills (well are of them ore overpowered but DH skills looks just… stupid).

      If you have magic sword(bow, crossbow) that doesn’t mean that ppl from 2 screens must see it. You don’t wear a led star wars sword. Just little more blue color in the steel is all you need. It don’t need to be you flashlight.

      Ufff maybe I’m just frustrated or tired waiting but I feel good now writing this out 🙂
      Sorry if I’m making you anger but this is the way I see this game now.

    14. Does anyone now the anime character Vash the Stampede from Trigun? He’s from time to time walking with his hands and palms upwards, doing some kind of ga.yness walk. Strafe reminds me of him doing that. Don’t know what to think of it.

      /edit: seriously, the word “g.ay” is banned?

    15. Out of curiosity, can anyone actually access this ‘diablo3tv’, or has noone else bothered to check?

    16. sounds weird, but I finally just realized the whole thing looks like a crappy game I wouldn’t even bother to play once.

    17. I like everything about it except the gunshot sounds, the mechanic of the skill itself looks loadsa fun.

    18. The first thing that came to mind after seeing the skill for the first time was the movie Equilibrium… and then I saw the name of the first runed version of the skill… i loled… nice one Bliz.
      For those who haven’t seen the movie and DON’T MIND SPOILERS for the movie here’s the vid to what I’m talking about. The last 15-20 seconds are the action bit:
      Not being a Diablo purist I approve of the animation. A bit over the top but fun as hell… could use some work on the leg movement part though. The skill itself is fairly underwhelming power wise but fun as hell and very useful in cleaning out large groups of weak mobs and destructible objects. Overall, great skill imo.

    19. I thought it all looked quite cool. Over the top, but cool. I don’t know what the people who are saying that Blizzard’s ingame animations are getting worse are talking about; most of the animations I’ve seen so far in DIII looked pretty amazing to me.

    20. Regardless of the animation, the skill itself is terrible. It does puny damage compared to Rapid Fire. If they don’t buff the damage it does before release I cant see why anyone would want to use this skill except to go for a destruction record.
      Captcha: wishy-washy, just like this skill…

      • It’s situational. You wouldn’t use it instead of Rapid Fire in most situations, since Rapid Fire is about dealing lots of damage to one target, or to cluster of them (when used properly).  Strafe is about hitting everything in every direction a few times; not hitting a fe things dozens of times. Plus Strafe allows you to move; it’s an excellent skill for kiting or retreat, albeit less damaging than the very quick Vault and then Rapid Fire at the pursuers.

        Obviously the runestone effects will be the real men from the boys separation point, and we can’t evaluate those yet.

    21. Just got my own DH up to test Strafe and I have to say, I love it!  Some people bag on the animation, but I think it fits, it’s good stuff!

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