Demon Hunter Cinematic Intro and Gameplay Footage

IGN has posted a 3:15 movie that appears to be the start of the Demon Hunter’s cinematic intro, followed by a bunch of new gameplay footage. New areas, new skills, new rune effects, and new monsters are shown, after the opening in the storybook style 2D artwork that we’ll see introducing all of the classes in D3.

Three questions:

  1. Are we going to get all the class intro movies released pre-game? There’s no way I won’t watch them if they come out, but I’d kind of hoped to see them for the first time May 15th.
  2. Why must gameplay videos released by developers always show essentially random action and haphazard play? Can’t they ever just show someone who knows what they’re doing, using skills properly and efficiently, for 30 seconds?
  3. Anyone know who the narrator is? I like his voice; he’s no Bastion guy, but it’s pretty good.
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  1. yeah… i really wish i had the self control to NOT watch this before my first DH character….
    must… not… click… play…
    oh whatever *click*

  2. Don’t think too much of this is from the class intro – just a few shots so not as spoilery as you’d think

  3. Brace yourself. I am coming.
    If you know what I mean. 

  4. i will just watch it one time so untill may 15 i will have forgotten it 😀

  5. Eh, if this is the intro video for the class im not all that impressed. It dose everything wrong in terms of setting up a story or even pulling you in. Felt more like a commercial then a intro.

    Also would rather see it voiced in first person.

    EDIT: NVM, read that wrong, i guess this is not the actual intro, just some of the footage is from it. Its 6 AM, my bad.

  6. Bad voiceover is bad

  7. I doubt if this is in game intro. It seems more like something like races overview for SC2 in Blizz site.

  8. WOW Shadow Power, Didn’t see that coming.
    But honestly, after seeing this, I am crossing DH from the first to play list. Shits to easy with her ranged attacks.
    Barbarians RULE>>>>!!!!!
    Eye of the Tiger…:-)

  9. Here’s the YouTube link:

    IGN’s video player simply refuses to work for me…

  10. Great as a trailer.

  11. It’s still sadly my last class to choose.

  12. Witch Doctor is even stronger at the top of my character list after watching that abomination of a DH promo.  Voiceover was corny as a corn cob!

  13. You can hear them mess up the phony deepening of the guys voice midway through.

    • If you’re talking about when he talks about the Discipline resource, that’s because they slowed down the actual speed of his audio relative to others, most likely to keep the timing correct with the video.  Anything more than ~7-8% speed up/slow down of the voice is readily discernable.

  14. The voice-over sounds a bit like Jonathan Adams, the guy who plays the institute director in the first season of Bones.

  15. cinematic is very disappointing, that sequence when DH artworks are just appearing with more armor on her is pathetic, hope that this is just a class trailer to hype up the game even more and release some materials to the media, but i fear its not.

    • Those images were released with the char announcement 2 years ago. Not that that means you can’t dislike them, but they’re anything but new.

      In other news, here’s a cool new video with artwork and gameplay we haven’t seen before, and half the comments are complaints. As my granny used to say, “You’d bitch if you was hung with a new rope.”

      • and your point is? you`ve clearly read what you want to read and skip the rest.
        i will clarify what i wrote in case you didnt understand:
        IF this is class intro then its OBVIOUSLY dissapointing – using old artworks, weak narrative, weak voiceover (should be cain voice imo), taking into consideration the development-time its obviously not ‘blizzard-quality’ that we all got accustom to.  and i hope it is NOT a class intro and just a trailer. did you see me writing anything about gameplay? no. 
        next time read twice before replying – you might just skip writing dumb shit about your granny.

        edit – also you could posted link to YT – where you can easily change video quality, IGN player is shit.

        • You didn’t write “IF this is class intro” though did you. You’re just spewing your nasty attitude all over your keyboard. Chill out man, there’s plenty years left to make your mark on the community.

        • This is a just a trailer to hype up the game some more and for those that follow D3 news daily it aint nothing new, BUT for those people that never heard about Diablo before this is completly NEW. But whatever I guess some people rather bitch about anything these days.

        • Someone needs a hug.

          As your “whole post” was one sentence (ish), I can assure you I read every whiny, complaining word of it.  As my comment referenced a plurality of comments, it clearly wasn’t responding just to you, but as you’ve seized the poster child mantle, so be it.

          IIf you’re determined not to like something, you’ll probably succeed. Congrats! Thanks for the YT vid link, though.

        • Youtube replies make my head hurt.

      • No kidding Flux.  I read this / Watched teh Video and was drooling over every second of the new footedge.  Strange that everone thats posted so far didn’t like it.

        The DH has been on the bottom of my list, but seeing this has me thinking about her again.  Though I’m sure when I see the other classes videos (assuming they all get promo vids) I’m sure I’ll feel the same about those.

      • I give praise where praise is due, but sadly I can’t agree with this video being cool. Both the script and the voice over were sub-par in my opinion. For some reason it reminded me of the Demon Hunter reveal video. Bit disappointed.

    • You know what I fear?

      That whiners like you will keep posting even after this game remains ridiculously popular even 15 years after release, like every other blizzard game. 

  16. Still not impressed with the DH. Though she isn’t bottom of the list, I might swap her with the Barb so that she is.
    WD, monk, Wiz to start.

  17. @1:33, 2:59, oh hai Act 4.

    • We’ve seen several peeks of that area before, from blizzcon panels, and the consensus seems to be that it’s late Act 1, in the spider caves.  I’ve not seen anyone datamine useful screens those caves though, which seems odd.

      As for Act 4… datamining has revealed most of the level names, and they’re not very um… Hellish. The Act loading background certainly isn’t.  SPOILER:

      • Flux I created the act3/4 areas thread, I know what act4 might be.

        But if you look at the scorpion monsters which I presume to be the “Tormented Stinger”, is data-mined to be in act 4, so the map could be “Hell Rift” or “Gateway to Hell”.

        Edit: I might be wrong, they probably aren’t Tormented Stingers.

        • Or if you know where act 4 begins

          They’ve shown this dungeon numerous times, and it’s almost always a char in very low-level gear. Watch the gear. When they show a char in A3, they’re in the appropriate tier.
          However, 1:13, I think is the only new area in this video and they show it for a split second. Edit: and at 2:40 again. What’s that? Imps? Maybe a neph dungeon?

          As for 1:33, they’ve shown this area a few times and it’s pretty easy to guess where it is and why from datamining, but it’s still just a guess. I’m willing to bet that Hell won’t look like that in the game if we go there. For quite a few reasons. 

      • Nope, not hell. I would guess this is “Arreat Core” from the very end of Act 3. For the simple reason that it looks more like the inside of a volcano than Hell. Hell as shown in Diablo 2 could be broken into 2 parts – Flowing Lava part and Barren Plainlands part (not actual names, just describing the looks). These two areas look like neither (slight similarity to river of flame but there the ground was just islands amidst the lava).

        I am sure they won’t be showing an iota of Act 4 anywhere, given how awesome that location is.

  18. I’m going to wait until May 15th. No clicking here! 🙂

  19. I hear you. I don’t think it looks BAD persay, but just the other classes look even more exciting. Actually, I’ll probably play a DH 2nd to last and barbarian last myself. But I totally get what you mean. WD, Wizard, Monk, all look just amazing.

  20. Sign of release?

  21. I cringed when he said “hatred & discipline”, something about his tone that made it super cheesy.

    • I liked how during that part, the character leveled up and nothing happened.  Also enjoyed how the voiceover of Shadow Power was from like beta 12 and is completely different now.

  22. Pretty cool! I’d like to see these for all the classes.

  23. This is really cool that people agrue about first to play list. This means Bliz did it – they made characters for all kind of players.
    As for me – monk, wiz, dh, witch, barb. 

  24. The female DH is pure fail – she seems so out of place in D3… The male is tolerable, barely.
    Barbarian will be my first class, followed by Monk, then Wizard. 

  25. It’s the same narrator as the extended Diablo retrospective, which isn’t surprising. The short bits from the class intro and new areas are cool, but not that much in exciting gameplay or new abilities.

    This was obviously made a little while ago and then allowed to be posted by IGN by Blizzard as it describes the old version of Shadow Power that was far more awesome than the current, bland life leech one…

  26. AHAHAHAHA i need this shit! those abilities! shadow power!( i resume is the darkblue wings) :D:D:DD:

  27. Old Spice Voice!

  28. whaaa wouwoulwouwouldwouwoulwouwouldnwouw oulwouwouldwouwoulwouwouldnnwouwoulwouwould wouwoulwouwouldnwouwoulwouwouldwouwoulwouw ouldnnnouwoulwouwouldwouwoulwouwouldnwouwoul wouwouldwouwoulwouwouldnnnnn…  yeah nevermind, another bug in using a smartphone with this foforfo… omg..

  29. I probably can’t bear playing Barbarian again, too tired of that style. Need something new, and I think Demon Hunter is the closest choice for me. Need to spam those arrows…

  30. On Shadow Power: I really hope the video is right and the skill calc is wrong.

  31. I still question if thats the intro video.  It appears a class video, yes, but I bet there is sitll another video that plays right before you start, explaining why the D3 character is walking out of the cave that you start at in level 1.

  32. “Why must gameplay videos released by developers always show essentially random action and haphazard play? Can’t they ever just show someone who knows what they’re doing, using skills properly and efficiently, for 30 seconds?”



    Anyone else notice the quest he has in the clip where he’s showing of the recourses?

    The Imprisoned Angel
       Enter Halls of Agony Level 2

  34. Terrible video. Can you imagine if this was in the game, before you pick the DH it plays this? Tragic. 

  35. what new skills? same ol shit. and god the video sucked. horrible voiceover. are they trying to promote D3 or drive people away??

    • Actually I think there´s a new skill rune(At least I haven´t seen it before) at 1:19 of presumably elemental arrow ( screaming skull) and it looks pretty awesome I think.

  36. My wife was completely dead set on playing a DH (to continue to the streak of her beloved zon), but after playing one for a while she’s given up on her and is going with a Wizard. Smart move imo

  37. From 26 seconds to 53 seconds is stuff taken (probably) from her intro, just a little out of order and of course not with that narrator.

  38. Weird, shadow power doesn’t increase the attack speed anymore since patch 13. (it does a 20% life leach now)
    So, this video was made prior to patch 13, maybe they will update the videos before release. 

    • I was about to say the same thing… must be an old video. I was like *It doesn’t increase attack speed!!!* while watching it 🙂

  39. Well done.  My anticipation continues to heighten.

  40. The voice is jay wilson trying to do his James Earl Jones voice!

  41. I don’t think this is the class intro.
    It looks more like one of these game guide overview videos they have on the Starcraft II site to me.
    Take for example.

    • Agreed, that seems to be the consensus in the comments.  There is no way this is what you see when you roll a new character.

      I thought this was really cool, and can’t wait to watch the HD version when I get home to examine the new locations. 

    • Sorry for the whine, but the Protoss video is so much better done than this one. Its told from a Raynor perspective, its cleaner and more polished-looking than this one. 

      I wish they show better clips for  other classes atleast.

      • I fully agree with you.
        I actually don’t believe this to be official any more, but IGN-produced.
        On a side note, they list the release date for Germany as Dec 31, 2011. Must have missed something…

  42. You whiners are priceless and need to go play a proper RPG. Terrible voice-over my ass,

    here’s a clue kiddies

    You must gather your party before venturing forth.


  43. Misleading title is misleading. It’s not a cinematic intro, it’s obviously something similar in terms of the Beginner’s guide for SC2 – a short preview summary of the race background, units and strategy. In this case it’s about the class basics, so it’s beyond me why this was labeled as a ‘cinematic’ in the title?


      Diablo 3 and all 5 classes have an intro cinematic that is largely in the 2D storybook art style, some clips of which are shown in this video. Blizzard has spoken about this on various occasions and released the entire intro cinematic, so I thought it was common knowledge by now?

      • It is common knowledge, but ‘some clips’ do not make a cinematic. Also the voice over for the said cinematics is done by the male/female vesrion of the class you choose to select.
        Using the same logic we can define the extended retrospect video is an act cinematic because it has few seconds of cinematic footage.

      • As you can see people in the commets were mistaking this for the actual class intro. Even I firstly thought this was going to be the intro when I read the title of the article, but I realised it was not as soon as I hit the play button.

  44. Am I the only one who actually likes this video? I didn´t even think they would add a video to the classes kinda like d2, so I am actually quite positively surprised about getting a nice introduction 😀

    • No, this video was cool but some people like to whine…

      • Or, shockingly, people have a difference of opinion and don’t think exactly how you do about everything.

        But it’s just as dumb for me to argue against the writhing multitudes of sticky sausage-fingered forumites who wish to label another’s opinion as either “whining” or “trolling”. 

  45. The most oped class in beta and wow, that voice inthe trailer was horrific lol.

  46. One small point. They brought back Christian imagery [email protected]:33. A simple cross is enough to sell the demonic theme. I’m glad they’re eager to get too much originality into their worlds. Diablo was intended as a story in a medieval-style setting. I’m glad some elements of that are being retained. 

  47. so, she can throw grenades 4-6feet? man that was lame ( i kjnow it probably says 15yard or something in skill text but they said the text didnt match reality…)

    • Grenades are targetable to whatever distance you like (with some length limits added during the beta; early testing you could chuck them right off the screen at full speed and it was actually difficult to hit anything nearby).

      This vid just happens to show them only being used on point blank targets.

  48. Just watched the Starcraft II race videos, and it’s night and day between this video and those in production value.

    If they are doing something like this, then it really should make it up to par with the SCII vids, use the current skills and have cain do the voice over. He meets them all in New Tristram, so it’s not hard to belive he would know about their skills in battle and their backstory.

    It’s cool to see new gameplay though, and a glimpse of the introvideo for the Demon Hunter. I really love those “drawn-on-paper” videos they are using, they look really good! 

  49. I hope those vids are not ingame vids, right?

    Btw, Shadow power no longer gives increase attack speed, so this video is outdated. 

  50. Interesting class introduction video. But it’s certainly not the opening cinematic for the class either. I imagine it’s using little bits and pieces from it though from what I saw. I dunno where all the gripes are coming from the character either really.

  51. IMO it’s more a commercial rather than the in-game cinematic for the DH. The video is new, but the info it contains is nothing we haven’t heard or read before.

  52. Wait… is Shadow Power back to its old awesomeness? I hope it is. The current version that lasts for 3 seconds is total balls.

  53. Chris Metzen is the narrator

  54. The narrator is Jonathan Adams, as mentioned earlier. Compare with his work as Kang the Conqueror in Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes:

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