IGN has posted a 3:15 movie that appears to be the start of the Demon Hunter’s cinematic intro, followed by a bunch of new gameplay footage. New areas, new skills, new rune effects, and new monsters are shown, after the opening in the storybook style 2D artwork that we’ll see introducing all of the classes in D3.

    Three questions:

    1. Are we going to get all the class intro movies released pre-game? There’s no way I won’t watch them if they come out, but I’d kind of hoped to see them for the first time May 15th.
    2. Why must gameplay videos released by developers always show essentially random action and haphazard play? Can’t they ever just show someone who knows what they’re doing, using skills properly and efficiently, for 30 seconds?
    3. Anyone know who the narrator is? I like his voice; he’s no Bastion guy, but it’s pretty good.

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