Loquenahak spotted on the official Italian forums a post from Zhydaris which could well be music to the ears of Demon Hunter fans whose passion had somewhat dampened since watching beta gameplay footage.

    We are radically changing the resources management for the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, including changes to unlocking skills, resources management and more.

    The unlocking of skills could well mean the order in which you gain access to them. During the beta there have been grumbles that the skills available to the Demon Hunter early on aren’t as effective as those available to other classes so they could be re-evaluating what she gets access to during those early levels.

    I wonder if the runestone effects may be altered at all. I admit to being unsure about ‘Arsenal’ – adding an Obsidian rune to DiabloWikiMultishot means every use also fires 10 rockets at nearby enemies that deal 150% weapon damage each. Rockets?

    She had been up there as first character for me, pre beta, but I’m rather nonplussed by her now so I’m not going to have a knee-jerk reaction to this news but I’m sure there are some of you will want her left well alone.

    You can see all her current skills with stats in the Demon Hunter Skills page on DiabloWiki.Net.

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