Delsere’s Magnum Opus will push Wizards to the Top?

Delsere's Magnum Opus preview.

Delsere’s Magnum Opus preview.

Wizard players are eagerly anticipating the new Wizard-themed Item Set, DiabloWikiDelsere’s Magnum Opus both for the variety of a new play style, and for what they hope is increased killing power. Wizard’s aren’t pitiful or anything, but if you refer to the Greater Rift leaderboards, the class generally runs 2-4 GRs behind the others (though slightly ahead of Witch Doctors), and that’s true whether you compare Page One or Page Seven of the Leaderboards. (The GR power discrepancy is similar in Hardcore, but there survival is a factor, as Wizards are now arguably the most hardy class, with multiple huge damage shields.)

A Blue reply today (sort of) answers the fan question: Will Delsere’s Magnum Opus will push Wizards to the Top?

Let’s hope the set make Wiz competitive in terms of dps
Tyvalir: We’ve heard several players express the desire for Wizards to have more build possibilities, in both solo and group play, especially for higher Greater Rifts.

With the PTR for patch 2.2.0 coming up, and players trying out new Set items (such as Delsere’s Magnum Opus), we’re hoping to see some engaging and (ultimately) high-end viable builds for that class. With our community’s helpful theorycrafters pitching in, the new builds people discover are bound to become even better.

Even so, our goal of providing items that will increase build diversity is never truly done. After all, Diablo III is an ever-evolving game, and (to that end) we intend to keep adding items that will encourage players to explore new builds.

As Wyatt mentioned early in our most recent Tavern Talk livestream, the class currently considered the best can change, even multiple times, in the span of a single Season. Regardless of which class is currently considered best, our goal remains the same: create more fun and engaging play styles for players of every class to enjoy.

Even if the power isn’t that much higher, the play style will be very different than current Wizard builds. With Delsere’s, you basically drop Slow Time bubbles everywhere, then nuke the CC’ed victims with your Spender of choice. It’s a bit Demon Hunter-esque in style, with focused fire on a selected group of enemies, and feels very different than the “run around while Hydra/Meteor/Blizzard DoTs the world” style of Firebird’s. And variety in build options is a nice thing.

Our resident Wizard expert, N3rdwards, was able to test out the new set at Blizzcon last year and wrote about it with great enthusiasm. Check out his report for more hands-on details and theorycrafting.

Are you guys excite for Delsere’s and the other new sets in Patch 2.2.0?

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  1. Will be interesting to see the new sets, of course, but it's just a shame about the whole 'everything is 6-piece' direction that they're taking the game in.

    I'd say I'm more interested in seeing the 15 new legendaries they plan to add. Hopefully these were taken from the large bank of currently useless legendaries.

  2. I'm 50/50 on it. You say "nuke the CC'ed victims with your Spender of choice". Unless the set bonus changes you really mean with orb or twister, not spender of choice. That still leaves torrent, disintegrate, ray of frost, meteor, and wave of force as pointless skills. (And blizzard only is useful in the apoc rune / FB build.)

    Interesting they added two generators to the set bonuses because most end game builds (for all classes) find a way to not use generators. If they make an end game build that actually works in generators I'll be impressed.

    I'm cautiously optimistic though about the set. Probably more so about improved/revamped/expanded Tal Rasha's.

  3. Wizbears need some love! This set looks like it might help.

    Have you hugged a wizbear today?

  4. This is the one set I am most excited about mostly because it incorporates my two favorite wizard skills which are slowtime and arcane orb. I really hope this becomes an amazing set and it will be a more group friendly build compared to firebirds.

  5. it would be nice if u can combo this set with tal rashas.

    its a pity they made it a 6 piece set.

  6. I think the Wizard set looks fine, but I'm a little worried about the DH set. As it is, an M6 DH with Bombadier's Rucksack gets +500% to the damage of a lot of skills, including Multishot, for having all five turrets out, in addition to the damage of the turrets themselves. With the new DH set, on the other hand, you get much tankier at close range, but you have to do a lot of work with your +Discipline on gear just to get up to the point of getting +500% to Multishot damage. Not only that, since a lot more skills have cooldowns now, getting back a lot of Discipline really fast doesn't help that much. And don't forget that you lose a bunch of extra damage from not having five turrets that also shoot Multishot, even if it isn't the super powered-up Multishot that you shoot. As a bottom line, I think that either the new set should be tweaked, or that some skills should have their cooldowns removed.

    • tbh i really dislike the firebird set and the playstyle.

      the only reason people use it is because its the only set that enables you to play high grifts.

      i find it ironic that they took away CM to kill off all the CM builds and then bring in set items / new legendaries to mimic old vanilla builds abid gimped versions of those builds.

  7. i dont want wizards to be top thats just wrong.. they could be second best only..

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