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    We explored the Battle.net history and potential for the future in the article ‘Battle.net 2.0 – The Next Generation Gaming Network’ that was released a few weeks ago. While that topic can be of general interest to anyone that is fan of the current online venue for Blizzard games, the second part one is significantly more interesting for everyone.

    Blizzard are being extremely tight-lipped, not letting anything slip out as regards Battle.net 2.0 into the media, but despite this, lots of little nuggets have scattered around the net. It’s been a lot of work to gather it all up into a comprehensive article, but this should be a definite list of all announced and unannounced features of the gaming network of the near future (including release date info).

    So, head over to the second part of the Battle.net 2.0 article series:
    [LIST][*]Definite Battle.net 2.0 Features[/LIST]

    The last and final part will be venturing into more unknown waters where speculation and unconfirmed sources will bring us even further clarity. The article will also contain a small library of quotes and sources for the information for all the three articles.

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