Deckard Cain’s Age Revealed

Interesting tidbit courtesy of a thread by Brokenstorm. He read the excerpt from DiabloWikiThe Order and noted something interesting within it. The book lists Deckard Cain’s birth year as 1202, and since the “current” year at the start of Diablo III is 1285, Deckard Cain is now… 83 years of age.

At first thought, that seems too young to me. I thought of Cain as much more older than 63 at the time of Diablo and Diablo II. Look closely at that picture, if you can stand to. That man saw 80 a lot more than 3 years ago. That man is older than dirt.

On second thought… I guess 63 in Diablo I, and 83 in Diablo III is alright, so long as we’re going to pretend that magic to instantly heal all wounds and even resurrect the dead is commonplace in Sanctuary, but that Elixirs of Youth don’t exist.

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  1. first 😀
    he didnt look all that old in diablo 1…but diablo 2 he definitely looked old sitting in his gibbet.
    now he looks like he’s over a century, but worrying about demons and angels every waking moment of one’s life probably does that to you

  2. He lives in a time where if you lived past 50 you are ancient, really the dark ages seemed to have the lowest life expectancy.

    I think it’s actually the horadrim upbringing that kept him so far.

    • so barb is ancient too =) stay a while and listen barb’s story about Arreat..

    • Yeah I was going to write that. 83 in 1200 is an epic feat. Although I have to admit I thought he was more like 100-120 years old.

    • Actually, since life expectancy is an average, a male who lived past his adolescence or young warrior days, or a female who survived to menopause, might live a long life if they had family to support them.  Infant mortality was a bummer.

      • Life expectancy is generally calculated as a mean, IIRC. Otherwise, infant mortality skews the entire thing down to far. But I could be wrong.

        • Actually, a mean calculation is what gets skewed downward by infant mortality. And Im pretty sure thats what is used to calculate it in any event.
          Median is what youre thinking of that would eliminate the skew effects of statistical outliers. Median income is frequently used in economic studies of typical income (a small percent of superearners can have a pretty large effect on mean vs median, the last compared income figures I saw circa an econ course in college 2004 were like 31000 median vs 34000 mean)

  3. woot? 83? He is not older than Hubert J. Farnsworth?

  4. I would like to see you Flux in your 80s after decades of worrying about the future of a whole race. 🙂

  5. If every 20 years in Diablo world time a sequel comes we could play Diablo 40 in the year 2025 in actual game time. Though if every sequel took 10 years to make then it would be the year of 2372, great!!! the children of my children of my children of my children can play Diablo 40 from my era of living time. Also a fact that cain would then be 740 years old by then still telling his stay a while and listen stories. And in the year of 2372 the world will be playing Call of Duty: 368 Future self and Me. I’m bored and these last few days are taaaakiiiiinnnngggg soooo loooonnnngggg…..!!!

  6. +1 to having expected he’s 150!

  7. Age 30+
    So yeah, actually ancient.

  8. Looks about right. Being over 100 years old would have made it too much of a stretch for him to survive  the falling star and getting chased by skeletons.

    • rofl because being 80 makes it possible to survive all that? 😛

      • At least more likely, it’s not like he got a direct hit from the meteor, plus I suspect he knows at least some magic. I don’t know if you’ve met any 100-year-olds but they are frail.

  9. I’m expecting Cain to Die during one of the Dia 3 expansions and still live as a Nephalem spirit in the towns like Yoda and Obi-Wan in Star Wars to guide the young spirits. <3

  10. Well the very beginning of the Order talks about Cain as a kid and says he has always had a long slender face that makes him look much older than he actually is, so I guess it’s just Cain’s features. 83 makes sense to me.

    • uhh i’m pretty sure that only extends to like 30’s or 40’s…i think the plethora of wrinkles and eyes looking cloudy and blind lead to him looking older than dirt

    • Schorch, sometimes you have really good ideas and arguments. But, man, you are one hell of a fanboy. There’s nothing in Blizzard (or D3) that you criticize. How old are you (really)? So much potential thrown out of the window.

  11. Some people just age terribly. I worked with a guy that looked (seriously) 90 years old. He had a big boil on his face and was missing an eye. He was mostly bald, had no teeth and was even more wrinkled than Cain up there. His age? Not even 70 yet.

    • Yep some people look ancient when still young others look young when they are ancient.
      I know two examples of this my 100 year old Gran who looks like she in her 70 and a close neighbour who in her 60’s who looks like she is 100.

  12. “That man is older than dirt.” cracker me up.

  13. “It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.”

  14. I am 83 but feel like 60…. 🙂

  15. I guess I was expecting older as well.

  16. I’m still disgusted and shocked that you want Cain to die Flux. I for one (maybe the only one?) will be sad when/if he dies but I know exactly what you’ll say when/if it happens.  I imagine we’ll be playing together when it happens so I’ll get to hear you fall over in hysterics.  Cold, cold heart.

  17. Anyone else things that’s kind of adorable? One eyed, hagrid old man you just want to give a hug to and be like AW HERE IS AN EYEPATCH YOU OLD CODGER

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