Interesting tidbit courtesy of a thread by Brokenstorm. He read the excerpt from DiabloWikiThe Order and noted something interesting within it. The book lists Deckard Cain’s birth year as 1202, and since the “current” year at the start of Diablo III is 1285, Deckard Cain is now… 83 years of age.

    At first thought, that seems too young to me. I thought of Cain as much more older than 63 at the time of Diablo and Diablo II. Look closely at that picture, if you can stand to. That man saw 80 a lot more than 3 years ago. That man is older than dirt.

    On second thought… I guess 63 in Diablo I, and 83 in Diablo III is alright, so long as we’re going to pretend that magic to instantly heal all wounds and even resurrect the dead is commonplace in Sanctuary, but that Elixirs of Youth don’t exist.

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