Deckard Cain Lives…in Heroes of the Storm

Deckard Cain Lives…in Heroes of the Storm

Deckard Cain may be dead to us all now but he’s making a comeback in Heroes of the Storm as the latest hero addition to the MOBA.

Deckard will be joining the game in April as a healing support hero and a video of him in action has been released. At least Blizard is keeping him alive in some form.

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    25 thoughts on “Deckard Cain Lives…in Heroes of the Storm

    1. I think this is a botched “April’s Fools” attempt that rolled out too late for whatever reason.

      It could also be a troll attempt with the ridiculous spells and dancing animations,as well as the mismatched “Presenter’s Voice”.

      If this is serious, then my hope of D4 returning to “Diablo’s roots” has just taken a massive dip. To be honest, I don’t think folks at Blizzard are capable and/or willing to return to “Diablo’s Roots” and thus to win back the Franchise fans they lost with D3. It’s a shame really.

      • LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing…

        In my opinion the closest they ever got to the true Diablo legacy inside D3 was on Act I, Act V, on the The Temple of the First Born and on The Eternal Woods (Sescheron). The Necro pack wasn’t that bad either, too bad it was only a new char and not a new zone or new monsters.

        Regarding D4, I’ve already mentioned my point of view on past posts: if blizz is developing it, all hope is lost. I wish I could hold on to any proof to the contrary, but nowadays anything that blizz does is just plain fantasy (i mean, not even dark fantasy) or americanized anime.

        Thanks, but no thanks.

        It feels as if they’re out of place doing serious stuff like the Necro pack. Like they just did it to meet some requirement or deadline, perhaps to try to revitalize the brand a little, but some obvious bugs slipped in (Boneringer, contradictory affixes like in Bloodsong Mail). Also I think they tried too hard to cram competitive modes into D3 (perhaps with the aspiration of it becoming e-sports too) to a point where it’s the only way to play the game (rifts/grifts/bounties) making story mode seem like an afterthought and single player gameplay handicapped compared to multiplayer. At least starcraft has the arcade mode to complement the storyline and custom maps. Oh and bots too (computer AI). It’s not even a year since the Necro pack arrived and it has already been on 50% discount TWICE. Quoting someone from the game “This does not bode well, my friend”.

        I would say, remaster D2 on the D3 engine while you save face letting another studio do the developing of D4, and we may speak again.

    2. If Deckard is popular enough to be added in another game, makes you wonder why they killed him in such a meaningless fashion for the game he is iconic in. His death served no purpose to the plot of D3.

      D4 should just retcon D3. Everything in D3 just mocks and belittles the games before it. Horadric cube, nah that is garbage to the true power of Kanai’s cube, Paladins weak nobodies, that is why Crusaders came about. It seems like the people behind D3 knew that they couldn’t beat D2 so instead of trying they just erased everything and just said we are better. D3 showed no respect to the games that made the Diablo franchise. I think D3 is fun to play, but it never should have been a Diablo game, Blizzard should have created a new universe for the game.

      • In my eyes D3 is a huge blunder, and it seems that no one saw it coming on the D3 team. Those that saw it coming either choose to remain silent because they got tired of “trying”, or they were silenced by those that weren’t able to understand why D3 was going to be a big blunder, because they were “in charge”.

        D3 decided to “cut out” all the things that defined the Diablo franchise in its final stage (D2 LOD). That was the first massive mistake. What they should have done is pick up where D2 left off, fix and polish issues, and then add further layers of awesome ideas to enrich Diablo even further. This is what D2 did during its development. They took D1, and elaborated and enriched it further. D2 is like three steps forward after D1, but D3 is like five steps backwards.

        When removing all the features that defined the Diablo Franchise (Skill Trees, Character Stat Allocation, Runes, Runewords, Charms, truly random Magic and Rare items, Quest-lines with permanent character perks everyone wants, etc.) The D3 Team was arguing and defending their decisions while trying to rationalize every move they did and why they did it.

        Removal of what didnt work rather than fixing it with “silk gloves” was the first huge mistake. The second huge mistake was to not replace the removed iconic game features with new features. They had some ideas like the “Rune-Stones” that would augment skills. That idea was the only game depth that D3 had during it’s development, but they scrapped this as well.

        When D3 shipped, it had literally nothing. Only Blue, Yellow, and “Legendary” items. There was NOTHING else to do in the game other than search for those 3 item types. Can you believe this? Leveling to 99 was removed and capped at level 60 which everyone reached within a few days of playing. There was nothing to do after hitting level 60 other than looking for blue yellow and legendary items. To make matters worse, the affix system from D2 was thrown out the window and replaced with Main stat and a handful of mandatory damage modifiers. That was it. Paragon did not exist at D3’s launch, and has not given any meaningful customization anyways, as everyone just dumps their “points” into the same areas as everyone else until it caps out at paragon 800.

        The people that designed, directed and developed D3 failed miserably. This is probably because virtually no one cared or understood what Diablo really means and that they have shoes to fill that are way bigger than WOW IMO. These people failed miserably in terms of designing and developing a “Diablo” game. The real tragedy is that D3 sold a lot of units, and this makes those people that worked on D3 believe that they did an “Excellent Job”.

        IMO the D3 story from 2006 to 2012 is a fascinating failure that resulted out of the departure of the people that made “Diablo” to begin with. Ego and arrogance of the people that came in afterwards to make D3 is a true tragedy in the video game industry.

        I know there are people out there that make games that feel like the people behind it truly love what they do and they have a deep passion for their games.

        Unfortunately at Blizzard I don’t see and feel that passion anymore. They have bloated too much and bureaucracy, restrictions, and greed have rendered anyone with a passion to be shackled. Blizzard has become a faint shadow of its former shining light. They will print money and make seemingly “great games” played by huge masses, but they will never again make people feel like they felt when WC3, D2 and SC were the Titans of their days.

        When it comes to the gaming industry and certain games, I have been witnessing and playing the best games at the height of the gaming era, and that is something magical.

        We humans cant help it. Once in a while we get lucky and create something truly magnificent. Then as time passes by we try to exploit it beyond repair. Then we start to frantically grasp at the last straws while drowning in our own mistakes and ultimately we realize we are way past a point of no return.

        • I agree with most of your points, except for stat points and (to some degree) skill points. Stat points in D2 were more or less worthless. Str for gear, dex for gear or max block, rest into vit, nothing in energy. There was zero variation to that formula unless you wanted to play a sub optimal build. Now, granted, there was at least an option to play those builds, but stat points weren’t really anything important.

          Skill points were mostly in the same boat. While they had a lot of experimentation at first (less once synergies came out since synergy bonus became more important than diversifying your skills in most situations) the reality was that there were optimal builds that most people played, and then there were fringe builds that were never as good. Again, there was at least the option to play said fringe builds, but they were never as good.

          Honestly, that’s how most point systems of any kind end up. There will always be a few best builds, and then tons of not best builds. While it’s great to mess around with the lower builds, if you want to progress you inevitably have to go back to the best builds. I think a better system than points is needed since they always end up the same way in the end.

          • The funny thing is that synergies were supposed to open up builds, not close them down.

            The thinking was “well I put 2 points into fireball, they aren’t a complete waste because they’re still adding extra damage onto my firewall”. Completely backfired though.

            The road to hell is paved with good intentions I guess.

      • “His death served no purpose to the plot of D3.”

        That’s not entirely true. Obviously it was poorly written and poorly conceived, but Deckard’s early death let Leah more easily be manipulated by Adria, since Deckard wasn’t around to say “this woman doesn’t seem like who I remember her to be”. It also gave more room for Tyrael in the storyline, again not that they competently did anything with that opportunity.

    3. Remember when Activision bought Blizzard and then we feared that something like this was going to happen? Blizzard North’s exodus started a few months later, I remember that the reason given was “creative differences” or some conflict about the direction that D3 was taking. Then Blizzard North was eliminated.

      We knew that things were not gonna be OK for the Diablo franchise, but we gave them the chance to prove us wrong. Then the demos came, and we held our breaths because the first signs of this debacle were already present: a pretty game mostly designed to appeal to casuals and console players, as if some third party took the IP from Diablo and made an app for android/ios.

      But people are just too damn… peaceful. It surprises me how they can endure a game like D3 with its burnout-prone gameplay. How is it possible that they can run grift after grift, bounty after bounty, plevel after plevel until they get to 1000+ paragons? I mean, I still play sporadically, and even though I can run comfortably on T13 I just gain 1 or 2 levels each sitting, and I am not even p800 yet on ANY of my chars. Of course, I only play single-player, but anyway… it’s really tiring sometimes.

      Oh well, back to the point. I wish I had hope in D4 like some of you do, but past disappointments tell me that the best blizz experiences were decades ago.

      Blizz is the Metallica of videogames. It doesn’t matter what new music they’ll put out, they won’t ever top their first 4 albums. They may put out competent music and relentlessly play it live, but since they mellowed out on their 5th album, things changed so much that the damage is already done and can’t be repaired.

      • You got some really whacked out timeline, there.

        Flagship Studios founded in 2003. Activision Blizzard merger wasn’t until 2007-2008.

        • Scratch that, you’re right, I mixed-up the order of events, that decade was hectic for me, thanks for the heads-up.

          But the main points still stand, even if the timelines were wrong. Between Blizzard South at development and Activision at the helm, I don’t see a bright future for the franchise, unfortunately. The art direction of their post-2003 games is simply not compatible with the Diablo world, and the kind of decisions the team made in D3 were surprisingly contradictory for an established game dev studio with nearly 20 years of experience (at the time of D3 release).

    4. The old scholar is an area-denying, healing support whose heroic ability puts enemies to sleep through the power of really boring storytelling. No, seriously. With Stay A While and Listen, Deckard tells a “riveting” tale in an arc in front of him, making all enemies sleep for a few seconds. His second heroic ability is Lorenado, a whirlwind of books and scrolls that pushes opponents away.

      • > whose heroic ability puts enemies to sleep through the power of really boring storytelling

        exactly – pure bullshit
        if they made it a rooting ability I might be ok with it — but putting the enemies to sleep ?
        its like they’re crapping all over the legacy and legend of Deckard Cain

    5. What the hell is this SHIT???? Holy christ talk about jumping the shark…..Really Blizzard?!?!?! Your creativity has gone to hell.

    6. Look, I’m not meaning to stir shit here, and this isn’t normally something I care about, but why did they make Deckard Cain white? He was clearly not white in diablo 2 or 3.

      • ………….what?? He’s a tanned old white man. Maybe of a swarthy Mediterranean appearance… white people can have dark tan skin you know. But go ahead and be ridiculous.

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