Deckard Cain appears in the real world, is promptly arrested

This truly weird video news report turned up in the forums today, and while we can not confirm the translation, it’s certainly a freaky viewing. Apparently a crazy old mystic was arrested in India for running around, stealing ancient artifacts from museums, and saying the end of the world was coming. His name? Deckard Cain. No, really. Watch and see.

You’ll remember the fiery meteor that crossed over a few weeks ago. Clearly, we are all doomed.

Update: This is actually a crazy old guy who claims he can live without food or water. He’s not really named Deckard Cain. Real video here.

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1 thought on “Deckard Cain appears in the real world, is promptly arrested

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    Lastly the big one d) what on earth do those indexes really mean?

    What do I mean by this? Well for a) to be accurate it needs to be proportional to the true gamer make up (That is it needs to be X% male/females who own platform Y aged A-B, then there’s also the factor that say NYers might like game X where as LA might prefer game Z exc).

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