Finally! The end of the first week of December is here with all its glory, and I’m happy to announce that we have had some DiabloWiki updates, despite illness and other nasty things earlier this week. November was a great DiabloWiki month and we can only hope to have December be as good, with everyone so busy close to and over Christmas. BTW, did anyone notice the new logos everywhere?

    This past week we added all the DiabloWikiBlizzCasts to the wiki for future reference, and you can find all the episodes close at hand during the winder weeks when making additions to any Diablo 3 article that might be serviced of a facelift:


    Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5 and Episode 6

    I hope you haven’t missed the “On the Drawing Board” this week, where Flux talk about the DiabloWikiFollowers (D2 DiabloWikimercenaries) in Diablo 3, and ask you about your opinions on how they should be in the last part of the trilogy. You can also see a highlight of updates below here:

    Our dearly beloved Diablo 2 Wiki has actually received even more edits than usual this past week, and besides DiabloWikiWidus continuous struggle to finish of all the DiabloWikiSuffixes and DiabloWikiPrefixes, the Diablo community has just got 16 articles worth smarter. For the interested, there are also several of them that deal directly with DiabloWikiDiablo 1!

    Oh, and since it is my birthday tomorrow (and since I love the wikis), a great birthday gift for me would be one useful edit by YOU in either the Diablo 2 Wiki or the Diablo 3 Wiki 😀

    From the whole member community of Diii.net and any other fansites pitching in to DiabloWiki, thank you DiabloWikiWidus, Orphan, Frankyman, Noxilenticus, HegemonKhan and Vman for helping out to complete our one Diablo source!

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