It’s time for our monthly DIII.Net Pal Giveaway and because it’s the season of festive cheer ‘n’ stuff we’ll make this one a bit special. For December we are giving away a Diablo 2 Collectors Edition. Yessiree Bob. It’s lain swaddled in a dark place for the last few years and of course unopened, mint condition and with the seal still intact. Contents are:

    • Diablo II Game
    • Exclusive Diablo II DVD Movie – All 24 minutes of the Diablo II game cinematics digitally re-mastered for enhanced picture quality on your DVD player in Widescreen format.
    • View Storyboards & listen to audio commentary from the Diablo II cinematics team
    • Original Cinematic Trailer
    • Commemorative Game Manual – Collector’s Edition Game Manual signed by the Diablo II Development Team
    • Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop RPG – Exclusive Diablo II pencil and paper RPG designed by Wizards of the Coast. Based on AD&D rules.
    • Original Diablo II soundtrack – Over 60 minutes of wickedly atmospheric original music from the game.

    This all comes in nice high-gloss box.

    This is No. 3045 out of 70000 that Blizzard produced and they are no longer on sale.  All you need to do to be in with a chance of owning this rare piece of Diablo history is add your name to this thread in the Site Pal forum and we’ll pick one name out at midnight Tuesday 30th December. This draw is open to all Site Pals (subscribers) no matter where in the world you are.




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