Yet again someone asked about the gore and Diablo-y stuff in Diablo III, and got a quick reply from Bashiok:

    All DiabloWikimonsters* are built so that their heads can be punched off. Or whatever. Yes, decapitations are GO.
    *There are exceptions. The big guys with super unique deaths, or DiabloWikibosses, that kind of thing.

    As far as M for Mature, yes, and still the expected rating.

    It’s unclear where this question keeps coming from, since there’s been ample evidence of the DiabloWikiHorror elements of Diablo III living up to those of Diablo I and exceeding those of Diablo II. People who buy the DiabloWikiArt Controversy hype, take the DiabloWikirainbow jokes seriously, and who have not actually played any of the demos, I guess.

    Trust me, Diablo III is a gory, horror-filled game. The scenery and general vibe of the DiabloWikiHalls of Agony, the first dungeon in this year’s Blizzcon demo, was as atmospheric and gruesome as anything in Diablo I. In a way Diablo III’s vastly superior graphics work against it in that department, since with Diablo I’s pixely gore, our imaginations got to fill in the blanks.We remember it as much more gruesome than it was, even if we’ve played Diablo I quite recently. (As I have.)

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