Bashiok explained some of the random death animations for enemy mobs in Diablo 3 are either Havoks-physics based, and some are hand-crafted. It all depends on which mobs they see fit could use the special touch.  Some death animations are triggered by how they died, if it is a crit, or a specific type of magical crit, or special ability. That’s all been said before, but what shines in on this is that decapitation animations aren’t just for bosses slicing players’ heads off.  Players can also decapitate enemy mobs?

    Bashiok doesn’t go further with this decapitation topic, nor confirms or deny if players can decapitate mobs, but it can be interpreted that way. How do you feel about dismembering mobs or decapitating them?

    Bashiok: I think the videos Steel linked explain it pretty well. We do have both havok based and hand-crafted animations, and which of these is used is generally dependent on which monster it is. We have a few in there, like the skeletal summoner and grotesque, that have hand-made death animations and those will play through every time. But most monster death is determined by how they died. Was it a critical, was it a critical from a type of elemental damage, was a specific ability used that maybe kills them in a specific way, etc. etc.

    Which leads me to my next question – can we hope for dismemberment in Diablo III?

    Bashiok: Does decapitation count?

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