Most of us are used to playing other, genre-related games during the interminable waits for Blizzard’s own titles to be completed. And since a new, Diablo-style RPG is set for release next month, you may be curious to hear more about it… DeathSpank!

    As the title suggests, it’s kind of a wacky game, at least visually. It’s been compared to Diablo with a sense of humor, but after watching the unicorn-infested trailer and checking out some screenshots, it looks more like Torchlight the Movie, as directed by Tim Burton. In fact, if someone had told me this actually was Torchlight; mutated into a psychedelic mod via their TorchED editor, I’d have been willing to believe it.

    DeathSpank’s wacky visuals might sell some copies, or at least cure your hangover, but we’ll have to experience some gameplay to know if this is more than a novelty. Stay tuned.

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